Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

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Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag


Before my recent trip to France, I wondered what I was going to carry around the streets of Paris with my new mirrorless cameras. Definitely NOT a backpack! But what would be comfortable, functional, low profile, and urban enough to carry all day, whilst walking 10-15 miles a day?

Enter The Crumpler, made in Australia. Valerie Jardin told me about the brand… it’s one of her faves.

I ordered a 5 Million Dollar Home model (they make up some pretty funny names)… big enough to carry two cameras if I wanted to AND be my purse to boot! It was genius.

The bag is really unassuming, which is super important if you’re going to walk around with thousands of dollars of camera gear and not have it scream “I’m full of expensive gear! Take me, I’m yours!”. And the functionality just went on and on, making it a delight to take with me every day.

One thing that surprised me: the strap. It’s magic. It’s just a big, wide, sturdy canvas strap… no padding, no frills… but was comfortable for 15 hours a day, no matter how much I stuffed into the thing. I have no idea how it pulled that off; it amazes me still. I normally can’t do messenger-style bags for any length of time without neck and shoulder pain, but can with this one.

I’ve never really had a city camera bag this worked well before, but now I’m a total fangirl!

Here’s a top 10 list of my favorite travel tips from my trip to France, Crumpler included!

Amazon: Check price.

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