Fujifilm X-T1

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Right off the bat, know this:
  1. All of my product pages are meant to reflect my own personal experience with my gear. I use everything I’ve listed!  I’ve chosen each piece based upon how they float my boat and make my work, art, travel, comfort and mobility possible. As such, my comments are completely my own opinion. So don’t cry if I’m not objectively droning about this feature vs. that feature and why point-decimal-some-number is going to make a difference in your life. It probably won’t anyway and there are plenty of people who WILL share that data with you. You might enjoy their reviews. Fair warning. What I WILL share is my thought process in choosing my gear, what it does for me, what I love about it… and if there’s something not love, I’ll share that too.
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Amazon Link: check prices

Fujifilm X-T1


This baby is my new go-to camera. It replaced my beloved Canon 6D, if you can believe it.

Don’t let its small size make you think it’s lacking anything. It isn’t! While YOU have to be the one to set your own criteria of must-haves in a camera but here was my basic list (in no particular order), which the XT-1 handily nailed, hands-down.

My basic list of requirements:
  • Smaller and lighter than my DSLR gear
  • Weather-sealed
  • Knob/button-driven vs. menu-driven… intuitively laid out
  • Fast AF
  • Low noise at high ISO
  • Big, fat native lens selection to go with it
  • Gorgeous images.
  • Regular firmware updates
  • A company that has been and would be around awhile

It also does remote firing and viewing via iPhone and lets you transfer image to your mobile device via the Fujifilm app.

I’m not one of pour over pages and pages of specs and reviews with a microscope. I DO look, for the basic useful data. But specs and reviews tell the whole story. At some point, you just gotta get out there, get your hands dirty and figure out what works best for you and got on with it. Enough talk! (Yes, I realize I’m talking now, which is technically a contradiction in terms. sigh. Life is not perfect.)

Bottom line: what matters to me is the experience and the results.

3 really important (& simple) questions to ask about a camera:
  1. Is it fun to use? 
  2. Does it make me want to take pictures? and
  3. Are the images stunning?

With both the X-T1 and X-T10, it’s Yep, Yep and YEP!
The added bonus: surprisingly, for me both of these cameras have a way of unlocking new, creative ideas and license to play. They’ve made me a better photographer and are truly an artist’s camera!

I also love how many functions and buttons you can customize EASILY. It contributes to one of the HUGE things to love about this camera: its ability to get out of the way and let me create!

Image Quality

Crazy, awesome STUNNING!

At this point in time, Fujifilm cameras all use APS-C sensors. Not full-frame. This made me nervous at first, since much of my work is printed big. But none of the full-frame mirrorless options worked for me… so I decided to figure this out, debunk a few rumors and see for myself if it even mattered. So far, so good!

One thing I’ve learned: not all pixels are created equal. Some are just bigger and better than others.

My first big trip with my Fuji cameras was to Paris and France. I wrote a blog post about my impressions then… my amazement and delight has only grown over time.

I’ve struggled with words to describe what it is about Fuji images that makes me want to leap with joy. It’s the particular tones and colors they offer. It’s the contrasts and micro-contrasts. It’s the dynamic range (which makes me swoon). It’s the depth of the blacks, yet the range of shades within them. I used to do HDR alot… because I had to. Now: I barely do any. I don’t need to, with what I’m getting from each of these images.

They are different than any other camera I’ve used. Creamy, gorgeous, artistic, brilliant.

After all is said and done, IMAGES are the make-or-break point for me. Fuji so far exceeded the bar on them, I don’t even know when I’ll top out on my enthusiasm for them. They continue to beckon me forward to explore and think outside the box. “What if…” has become my favorite game now, because these cameras make me want to try new stuff, all the time. As an artist… this is critical!

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My Actual Gear

I always like seeing people’s actual gear. The dings, use marks, scratches, whatever. It shows they’re alive! So, here are some images of my X-T1, with a few notes to go with….

I love how the ISO dial is right there within reach. No trying to remember where the heck it’s hidden in the menu system!

Fujifilm X-T1 top

With my Fujinon 55-200mm lens:

Fujifilm X-T1 front

The back, with it’s big, fat LCD screen and menu system:

Fujifilm X-T1 back

Prints? I know I wondered how they’d be. And… Yep, they look great! Here’s one of mine printed by Fuji for Photo Plus Expo 2015 in NYC:


The Images

And finally, these were all taken with my Fuji X-T1… some in the pouring rain! Yes, the weather sealing works.
You can click on any image to see them large – and to and see all the EXIF data by clicking the ℹ︎ button.


Truckee, CA
16-55mm lens:

The Hobbity Road


Voices In The Mist


The Tree King



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