Fujifilm X-T10

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I love this little brother to the X-T1! Same sensor, same wonderfulness of image, in a smaller package.
Here’s the page for the X-T1… rather than repeat all of that here, I’ll keep this to what differences I experience between them.

The X-T10 was created in order to offer a GREAT camera at a smaller price point. Hence, the same sensor, customizable button and dial system, large LCD screen and all that. Naturally, you can use all of the same lenses you’d use with the X-T1.

Some of the differences: the X-T10 isn’t weather-sealed. So I don’t take it out in a rainstorm. I’m not saying I would never do that… but if I did, I’d just bag it up with a grocery store produce bag. (Yes, I’ve actually done this. Cheap, easy and it works with a few rubber bands!). Or I’d take the X-T1.

I carry it in cities, when I want to be super low profile and only want to take one small camera. It’s also fantastic for landscape shooting in good weather, especially when you have to pack it. It’s a bit smaller than the X-T1, but has the same feel and handling.

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My Actual Gear

I always like seeing people’s actual gear. The dings, use marks, scratches, whatever. It shows they’re alive! So, here are some images of my X-T10, with a few notes to go with….

At a coffee shop, with the 60mm prime Macro:

Fujifilm X-T10 with 60mm macro lens

The top of the X-T10. On the X-T1, the knob on the left is the ISO control, which is convenient. To make it quick and easy to change ISO on this camera, I just create a custom function for it on one of the buttons on the back of the camera. I thought it would slow me down, switching between those, but it really hasn’t. 

Fuji X-T10 top

The back, with it’s big, fat LCD screen and menu system:

Fujifilm X-T10 back

The Images

And finally, the following were all taken with my Fuji X-T10.

You can click on any image to see it large. To see all the EXIF data, click the ℹ︎ button.Honfleur, France

Honfleur Harbor
16-55mm lens
Café on Harbor Corner

Truckee, CA
60mm lens, panorama
Trapped In Time

Giverny, France
16-55mm lens
Monet's Garden

Mont St-Michel, France
16-55mm lens
The Village

Truckee, CA
16-55mm lens (19 shot pano)

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