Lucroit 100mm Simple Kit Filter Holder

Right off the bat, know this:
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  2. I’m not an affiliate for LuCroit or anything. The links I’m providing are really just because I like the gear and the company.
LuCroit Filter Holder


I’ve always fought using filters. I typically don’t like fiddling with gear. It messes with my creative mojo.  Hence my not being a painter, a potter, a mechanic, a knitter – or till now, a camera filter user. I don’t even like handling newspapers, with all their folds and print and man-handliness. Blech.

Enter LuCroit holders, owned by father-son duo Javier and Luca Olmedos in Spain. My friend Barry Blanchard introduced me to both the gear and the guys. I gotta say, both are awesome and have changed the game for me.

The day Barry said “Hey, watch this!”, then in a couple of moves popped that sucker onto his camera – showing me that even I couldn’t screw it up – my eyes lit up. THAT I could handle!! So I ordered me up the 100mm simple filter kit and haven’t looked back.

It’s made of some kind of molded material that’s all one piece; it bends, there no screws to fall out, nothing to break. It weighs nothing. This is all HUGE for me, especially when I want to hike somewhere with it.  You screw a metal ring onto the lens – then pop everything else on like Leggos, drop your filters in and BAM. You’re done. It’s super fast and easy – I can even pull it off when balancing on granite boulders at Lake Tahoe! That’s saying something in my world.

Here’s the link to the filter holder kits on LucrOit’s website. 

Even though they ship from Spain, my experience was that the shipping cost was reasonable and it arrived quickly. BTW… I’m not an affiliate of LuCroit. Just a happy user. 😀

NOTE: I use the 100mm filter holder. That’s the right size for Fujifilm. I have NOT used the 165mm size, so can’t report on what that’s like to work with.

Here’s Mine:


These rings screw right onto the lens of the camera..


The holder pops onto the ring…


The glass drops down into these channels (perspective is looking down):


If you need barndoors to deflect low side sunlight, they pop onto the filter holder:


My kit also came with extra filter channels, which you can simply pop on to attach if you need to layer more than two filters:


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