Enhanced Audio m600 Mic Mount

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Enhanced Audio m600 Mic Mount


I was getting this intermittent vibration on my Neumann U89i mic, that you could hear in my recordings. Nobody seemed to be able to figure out why, but everybody hated it. It came and went. Really annoying. Would actually ruin takes during important sessions.

One day, I stumbled across David Brown and Enhanced Audio. Long story short, I learned that the capsules on some mics can actually load up at certain frequencies, creating a hum and vibration heard in recordings. The M600 eliminated that. AND made my sound better, in subtle ways I never could quite describe – but sure could hear!

Needless to say, it has stayed in place ever since.

I think all of Enhanced Audio’s gear is gorgeous and beautifully made. My M600 is one of my treasures!
You can check out all the specs and price here. 
And nope, I’m not an affiliate. Just a fan. 😀

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