Really Right Stuff BH-40 Med. Ballhead

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  2. I’m not an affiliate for Really Right Stuff. They don’t even do affiliate partnering on their gear. The links I’m providing are really just because I like the gear and the company. Alot.
Really Right Stuff BH-40 Med. Ballhead With PC-Lr Clamp
Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ballhead

Really Right Stuff really got it right, IMO. It’s smooth, beautifully made and will last forever. Or nearly so!

I found RRS after wrestling with a few other well-known brands of tripods/ballheads… and discovering that repetitious use of levers and things made my hands hurt in a beastly way. Turns out, years training horses and ranch life left their mark! Especially in winter shooting conditions .

Once I got my hands on a RRS tripod and ballhead though, I never looked back. No pain, regardless of how cold it was… the carbon fiber material never freezes up in sub-zero temps… and everything works no matter what.  I was sold. Still am… and every time I pick up my Really Right Stuff ANYthing, the thought invariably passes through my head: “Only tripod you’ll ever need.” Not kidding.

This ballhead is the mid-sized one. I also have a BH-55, which is bigger – and was  my first. It was great for my bigger DSLR gear. I like its round knob better, but just haven’t been using it as much since switching to mirrorless.

This one though is my regular go-to now. I like the clamp lever style, because for me it’s better ergonomically.

I do wish the ballhead had more drop-notches to tip into… it’s got two and sometimes it takes a little wrangling to get it turned so I can tip the ball where I want it. But that’s no deal-breaker, it’s just an observation. I’m pretty much a lifer!

You can check out all the specs and price here. 
And nope, I’m not an affiliate. Just a fan. 😀

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