Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive

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Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive

18-Seagate1TB backup

Backup, backup, backup.
Do it often.
Make it redundant.
Fail this test and eventually… be very, very sorry.

My husband is a high-end IT guy. He both hounded and helped me create a super simple redundant backup system for my photos. I’ve never been sorry!

Consequently, I have two sets of backups… one on a big server at home, another that consists of spreading images out amongst external hard drives like this one. No one point of failure, multiple locations.

These disks are NOT meant to be used all the time. But for static storage, travel storage, temporary storage, they’ve been great for me.

On long trips, I take enough of these to create TWO sets of backups along the way. When I get home, I dump one set onto our big server, then take the other to my secondary location. Done.

Everyone has their way of handling backup… but these puppies are pretty handy.

Amazon Link: check price

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