Virtual Photo Walks: Hovenweep National Monument

We did a Virtual Photo Walks at Hovenweep National Monument in Utah… and it was truly nothing short of a miracle! Why? Well, simply that during our entire trip through Utah – every spot I wanted to do a VPW from had little to absolutely NO cell reception! And then… out in the middle of nowhere… we had all bars at Hovenweep! I was so not prepared for that. But I contacted John Butterill, who can whip up a Google+ hangout in seconds and BOOM we were live. Of course, the ranger station had closed… they had no more brochures… and I was flying blind. Daunted? Mais non!  Participant Monica Malone has long wanted to visit Hovenweep but can’t, due to lack of handicapped access. But she has studied the area extensively, so we all learned a ton about what we were seeing. It was an exciting visit and I can’t wait to do it again!