The Chat: Guess the 1st Guest!

The Chat: Debut Eve. I’m listening. Waiting. Breathing. Feeling very still. This bird knows what I’m talking about.
Tomorrow: launch day. I’ve set it all in motion – there’s no going back now. That’s a good thing.
There’s only one last thing to do: see if you can guess the guest!


This photo provides a few gentle clues:

  • She’s a she!
  • She uses her voice beautifully.
  • Has marvelous plumeage.
  • There’s a reasonably good chance you’re heard – or heard of – her, if you’re active in social media.

I chose my first to be – well, first – because her over-arching message is so sympatico with this show’s. She walks her walk, has tremendous energy and a great ability to put creative concepts into words.

She’s my one and only 2-part Chat episode and I’m STOKED she’ll be kicking off this show!!

Guesses? Anyone? Bueller?



18 thoughts on “The Chat: Guess the 1st Guest!

    1. Don’t be embarrassed! That’s a totally logical guess!
      And here’s a hint I didn’t give anyone; this guest also isn’t a photographer. More very soon. 😉

  1. My guess is Trey Ratcliff. You mentioned how impressed you were when you first came across his website and discovered he could make photos look like the scene your eyes actually see.

  2. I believe it will be… either…
    Kalebra Kelby…
    Arianna Huffington…

    No matter who it is though the show will be GOLD!

    Best wishes on the launch of
    something that is sure to bring
    decades of success,
    ~Jason Joseph

    1. Kalebra’s on the list, Jason…although she may not know it yet. Heheh. Not Arianna either.

      This is funnnnn! [does happy dance]

  3. … or, if not LG then perhaps Laurie Rubin, woman: check, plumage: check, social media: check, voice: errr….check?


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