The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 1

Well, the moment has arrived! Welcome to the premiere episode of The Chat! WooHOOO!
Everybody was EPIC with the guesses they made about WHO the first guest would BE. THANK YOU!! And now…

For this auspicious debut, I chose a 2-part episode with a super star on the rise… who has a big vision about life, giving and the power of a dream.

Singer/songwriter/musician Daria Musk became a friend and inspiration in the course of the first two years on social netowrk Google+. We hit it off immediately and discovered that we share a similar outlook on life, philosophy and approach to our art. She’s a thinker, that one. And she’s so marvelous at putting it all into words – and music – that I wanted hers to kickoff the entire series. If you haven’t met Daria; you’re in for a treat! If you already know/follow/admire Daria: you’re in for a treat!
Two-fers are G+nius!

Click here to see Part 2. We wrap our chat – and move on to some singin’!

4 thoughts on “The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 1

  1. KAREN! OMG! If every single episode is 1/2 as good as this one I just might have to hunt you down smother you in hugs. This was fantastic. I have to say that, until this, I hadn’t heard of Daria, but I love her energy and her outlook. Now I have to hunt her down on the internet, I’m not waiting till next week to hear her sing. =)

    Seriously, wonderful job! I can’t wait to see where this goes each week! =)

  2. Great job, Karen! I love what you’re doing, and I found today’s chat very inspiring. I need that sometimes….I think we all do, so thanks for the sweet present you gave all of us today. You did good.

    1. Thanks Marvin! That means alot. I know every one of these guests inspires me…so my fondest hope is that it does the same for ALL of us!

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