The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 2

It’s here! It’s here! A week goes by SO fast! And now, seemingly in the blink of an eye; Part 2 of my Chat with Daria Musk.
We pick up talking about choices… and the enormous power of our thoughts in creating our reality.

She also sings! Two songs, actually. The first one is by my request. It’s one she sang a little bit of one night during a hangout when we were discussing this show… and I asked to her share it with you. It’s just beautiful and so elegantly, eloquently Daria.

One thought on “The Chat with Karen Hutton: Daria Musk, Part 2

  1. WOW! Daria is powerhouse in so many ways, and you couldn’t have picked a better first guest to start off the show, Karen. She’s got this vibe about her, like you, that makes me feel like I know and am friends with you both already and we’re just sitting having a chat.

    I’m so excited about this venture of yours. =) Can’t wait for next week!

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