Coming Monday: The Chat with Vic Gundotra!

Sneak Peak!

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming this Monday… when my guest will be Vic Gundotra!
Vic is the Senior Vice President of Social at Google. He and his team are the innovators behind Google+, which sees 1.5 billion photos uploaded every week as of this show – and growing.

Vic graciously agreed to sit down with me and Chat with me about whatever I wanted to ask… he made no rules, nothing was off-limits. I was most interested in some things social… but all things inspiration. Turns out, what inspires him largely the role technology needs to play in bringing us closer to each other – and our own humanity.

In this clip, he talks about where he sees Social going… and the role of photography within that. He says “I think we’re just getting started”. I think he may be right!

3 thoughts on “Coming Monday: The Chat with Vic Gundotra!

  1. I was born Jan 1939 war came sept. 1939 at one point we were bombed for 57 days every day and were out bombed twice .I never went to school even when there was one to go to.I was named after a cowboy (KEN.MAYNARD) and lived in a world of my own.When I was their therteen I found my farther dead,and got a job to help my mum out ,I never new I was badly dyslexic for many years until I got my first tablet( this is not about poor old me)as time went by it dawned on me work was the only means to get by .I learned photography from a little man from Burma who leaned from prison of war inmates how to develops film we became great friends and he lived next ,door he was also a Buddhist and showed a good way to think. I brought my first DSLR. In1971 ..two years ago I brought a tablet computer because my wife kept chasing me away from her pc. I now spend many hours on the net, from TreyRatclif to snap chick. And all the other but now is now and thanks to Google + YouTube -ficker -facebook-and all the others,we can unite we can change what some times seems a sad world into a truly fantastic place for every one,,viva Google+

  2. I am 75years old and in the last 2years open up to the internet via photography,I am both st unned and amazed how far reaching it is,but my family say be careful things aren’t always what’s they seem,they may not be real people or who you think they are,I be leave you must take a chance sometimes in order to find things with my tablet. I love Google. Google+ YouTube ,Ted,facebook.and I learn and learn,I do hope a way can be found to vet good people from the bad, if you are an open book you can be tested with a check on your history and friends. I find it so up lifting,that we don’t have to live in other peoples pockets but we can.shareour thoughts and kind deeds we will make it great for every one.ken.maynard

    1. Hi Ken! Yes, we sure do have to be careful on the internet. But the draw is, as you say… that it’s also such a fantastic opportunity to connect with people. I’ve met so many incredible friends that I now know in person via Google+, photo walks and events that I’d never have had a chance to meet if not for the online connection. It was a chance worth taking!

      So, good for you, getting up and running at this point in your life! Learning all the time is so key, isn’t it? I too wish there were a better way for vetting people… but like you say, checking history and friends does help. I love the opportunity to share thoughts, kindnesses, some kind of inspiration and uplifting point of view. There’s enough of the alternative! I’m so glad you took the time to write… I love know that you’re out there learning and learning. 😀

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