The Chat with Karen Hutton: Matt Kloskowski

Matt Kloskowski is a super awesome professional photographer, photography and Photoshop instructor for the world-renowned Kelby Media Group. He travels all over, spreading the good word about Lightroom and Photoshop to audiences numbering in the hundreds, all over the country. He’s like an encyclopedia of knowledge and awesome know-how in the world of photography.

He’s also a regular guy and my friend.
Matt was in California to give a Lightroom workshop for an audience of 400 (!), so he called me up to go shooting. We hit Lake Tahoe, which also seemed a lovely and fitting spot to do our Chat.

This particular Chat really is just that… a chat about a bunch of different topics from photography to family to thoughts about life. It was all very informal and laid back, which was so fun. You’ll also get to see a slew of Matt’s photos, which are, as you might imagine… stunning!! Plus… you and I get to drive over together an pick Matt up. HeeHee… and fun new experiment I tried.


2 thoughts on “The Chat with Karen Hutton: Matt Kloskowski

  1. This was very cool! I’ve been to Matt’s Lightroom seminar, watched him on The Grid, have a couple of his books and I visit his website often. This, however, was a more personal and down to earth view of him. Thanks for having him on and sharing some or your time with him, with us. Terrific stuff here!

    1. Thanks Bill! Matt’s such a cool guy, even aside from how cool he as a teacher… I just wanted folks to meet THAT guy! Glad you enjoyed… 😉

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