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Free Like An eBook

I’d like to introduce you to an Awesome Free Thing. So here goes:

Awesome Free Thing meet You. You… Awesome Free Thing.
Did I mention said awesomeness was an eBook? Oh yes, yes it is! It’s called “Visionary Impact: 10 Pro Tips to Instantly Raise The Emotional Impact Of Your Outdoor Photography (Without Spending A Cent)“. I love that last bit in particular. heehee. These compositional tips are the very ones I use in my storytelling style of composition all the time.

You know how I can preamble on and on… so if you want to skip all that, just click on the image below for a BRAND NEW (free) eBook!

For the rest of the story, read on… (then click. :D)


This project has been close to a year in the making. My  eBook is really part of a larger one: 101 Tips – as well as video – from some true photography world luminaries like Jay & Varina Patel, Moose Peterson, Gary Crabbe, Jim Goldstein – to name a but a few.

How This All Happened

A year or two ago (time flies, I can never keep track!, I was featured in an amazing digital magazine called “Extraordinary Vision.” It’s a beautiful publication – and the fellow behind it all, a New Zealander named Angelo Ioanides – was lovely to work with. I got excited talking to him about digital authoring in general – and he told me then about his idea for the the “Visionary Impact” project idea. After my terrific experience with him on the magazine, I was all in!

He had to create the entire system from scratch. Angelo has been involved in digital authoring for about 10-12 years now – and had some very clear ideas about how to make it fantastically awesome for both users and contributors.

Emotional Impact – Yay!

From me, he wanted to hear about how I create the emotional aspect of my work. I loved that… since so often, I’m asked about my settings, my camera, etc. While I do think that’s all important, it’s only part of the story… and not even the most defining part in my estimation. If I’m honest about it, I’m bored by the whole discussion, although I’m glad there are plenty of photo geeks out there who aren’t. They save me so much time and effort! You can learn settings in about a half hour… then spend the rest of your life learning how to create images that touch people deeply and bring something wonderful to their lives and to the world.

I think that for anyone’s work to be truly, deeply, excitingly impactful and memorable – the camera settings don’t even matter. Please take that with a grain of salt, because I mean that from this perspective: years down the line, when you look at your favorite painting or photograph, I’d just about bet money you’re not going to wax rhapsodic about the f/16, ISO 50 used on the photo – nor the type of brush the artist used on your favorite art piece. You’re going to swoon over how it makes you FEEL.

Consequently, Angelo’s request for tips from THAT perspective made me smile. BIG! I think that if we don’t touch people on their insides, we just aren’t doing our job. So I’m happy to share that stuff all dang day! And that was the spirit with which I created both the video (which is part of the content for purchase) and eBook (which is free).

I Hope You Accept

I really hope you accept my offer and download it. It truly is a token of my deep appreciation for YOU. I am so grateful that you come to visit, read these words, look at my photos, comment – I’m just truly grateful with all of my heart for you!

I hope you enjoy the book – and even more, that it helps guide you toward creating your own awesomely impactful photographs, whether you use a mobile phone, a DSLR or anything in between. You have art inside of you – go get it!


2 thoughts on “Free eBook! (Free Stuff Is Awesome!)

  1. In the mid 70’s I took a course by Freeman Patterson based at his home in New Brunswick. I had spent several years learning what I could at my local Camera Club and was becoming increasingly frustrated trying to make some sense of just technique and competition.
    Freeman assigned a topic each day, not of an object like a tree or waterfall, but of an emotion like peace or joy, etc. This opened a whole new world for me and has now in my later years led to a passion for capturing and sharing what I feel about our awesome world.
    Congratulations on opening this world through your new book and venture.

    1. Thank you Wayne! What a FANTASTIC opportunity you had with Freeman Patterson! It’s funny, but some of my best teachers in dance and theatre back in the day gave us similar exercises to do. For some, they seemed obscure – but like you, it opened that “whole new world” for me and is still the gift that keeps on giving.

      I really appreciate your words – and taking the time to leave them here with me. 😀

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