That Video I Promised!

Bring on the Gold Medal!

Finally! It’s done!! Woot!! [looks around for the gold medal she knows MUST be waiting. Sees none. Pouts for a millisecond. Opts to do the jig of completion joy instead, with the grace of a gazelle.]

Remember that photo processing video I promised of this photo?
It be Ready for Sharesville. 😀

My Little Anxiety Secret

I don’t know why doing these things makes me so anxious, but they do. Partly because I think it’ll be boring.  I’ve tried to cut it short – but then it isn’t my process anymore. So I try to be succinct at what I’m saying, then struggle with the walk/talk/chew gum scenario… that is, making sure I point to the right things for the right amount of time whilst saying the right words. (Hey, I’m a Virgo, I can’t help it!)

Thing is, I really I don’t find it interesting to simply teach another photo technique class… there are so many others who DO enjoy that and do it way better than me. I admire them to the moon and back! But I haven’t found a way to explain which slider does what in a way that makes my heart sing.  Yet, I do get asked so often to share my process – and want to give  back! I mean, I learned from those who were willing to ‘splain what they did and fer goddsakes I’ve taught everything I’ve ever done… so I’m trying to work out what my most fulfilling (for us both!) way of doing that is.

The Plan

So. I think I’m just going to have to talk it through the way I do it in my head. That’s me, that’s real.

For this particular one, I just retrospectively went through what I had been aiming for when I originally processed this photo – and how I went about accomplishing that. For better or worse!

In future, I’ve got ideas about how to approach ways to create more emotion in your work… how to figure out what your “signature” is… and other creative, “softer side of” things I think are important to heart, soul and art.

Whaddya think? Cause I don’t want to bore anyone… but I do love to growth and seeing people’s art of the heart!


6 thoughts on “That Video I Promised!

  1. Thanks for sharing your thought process as well as your processing process. Sometimes I think I go too far, having a battle between reality and impression. Usually, reality still wins for me, often leaving the image flatter than I’d like it to be. I think I’ll try to remember more often that the I can just as well use the image to create the way I wanted it to look as opposed to the way it actually did look on the day of the shot.

    One question comes to mind. Given that it really takes quite a bit of time to develop an image to the level you did in this example, how many images do you work through to that level. I would assume that even you have time constraints. We all do.

    1. You got that right about time constraints Steve! It’s something I grapple with – more so at certain times than others.
      I’ve gotten faster though – and pretty much have 3 tiers of photos, which helps. They are:

      1. Single images that don’t require too much to process. They’re simpler, like a flower, animal… you know, single subjects.
      2. Could be HDR or single image – more complex than #1, but that still come together pretty easily. Evening long exposures fall into this category… for some reason I find them kind of mystical all on their own – not so much light taming to do!
      3. The more elaborate stories, like the one in the video. Those are SUPER fun truly my favorites – I love spending time with them. The process is actually relaxing and therapeutic to me and if too much time goes by without doing one, I start getting cranky

      So – I’ll grab whichever fits my time/life equation at the moment!
      Sometimes I get several done in a week. Sometimes only one or two – sometimes none.
      Under no circumstances do I mass process 100’s of images the way, say, a wedding photographer has to.
      I can use my own digits to count the number of photos I get processed on any given week.

      Hope that answers your question!

  2. Really nice to see that work flow,thx for sharing and i hope i will see more of it! And yes i learned something 🙂

  3. Great tutorial. Thank you!!! I learned tons, especially how to use some of the programs I have but haven’t figured out how to use them effectively. Keep ’em coming!!!!

    1. Awesome Karen, thanks!
      Your comment makes me think my idea to do some shorter, breakout videos going more in-depth with 1 or 2 concepts (vs. the whole balla wax) might fly too. 😉

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