The Chat with Karen Hutton: Scott Kelby

The One and Only Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby is an icon in the Photography world. And rightfully so! His list of accomplishments is a mile long and growing, his influence is global, his vision has helped evolve an industry. That would be reason enough to want to do a Chat with him… but he’s also a devoted husband and father, a photographer, a businessman and a human who genuinely loves what he does and loves life! He has made his art his life – and lives his life in a most artful way.

How This Chat Came About

I visited Kelby Media in Florida to visit with my friend (and Scott’s wife) Kalelbra Kelby… and while I was at it, joined Scott and Matt Klowkowski for an episode of “The Grid”. That same day, Scott graciously made time to sit down with me and share his views on art, life and business. And by the way, I have to share a story about that…

So, there we were. I had my list of questions at the ready, we were just about ready to start… when RC Concepcion leaned down to my ear, and in a stage whisper said: “Ask Scott to tell the story about what teaching means to him and what’s behind all of this.” Or words to that effect.. and of course, by “all of this”, he was referring to the world of Kelby Media.

What followed is this episode. It was a revelation; so moving, so deep, heartfelt and genuine. Scott opened up in ways that will probably take you by surprise. He is  incredibly passionate about teaching – and about making knowledge accessible to the many, not only the few. You’re about to find out why… and discover the moment in Scott’s life that started an empire.

25 thoughts on “The Chat with Karen Hutton: Scott Kelby

  1. Hey Karen! It has taken me a while to get around to watching the interview with Scott, but it was so worth the wait. Scott really is an honest, genuine, big-hearted guy and I love watching his tutorials etc. I hope someday in the near future I will get the chance to attend one of his workshops.

    Hope all is going well with. I have been looking at the photos from the New Zealand Adventure Trey just wrapped up and I am ready to go back for more. My 11 year old daughter and I are planning a trip in the somewhat near future. I think I will look into renting a camper and spend our time enjoying one of the most beautiful places in the world. Glad I got to spend a little time with you on my first visit.

    Be well and keep up all the hard work for people like me to enjoy and find inspiration. : )

    1. Hey Thanks on The Chat. Scott made that easy and wonderful – he’s awesome!
      And yeaahhhh, I always go back and look at my photos from our trip – a MUST revisit, for sure!

  2. I love your chat shows Karen, they are entertaining, philosophical and emotional, very refreshing. You have a lovely way of bringing out the best in everyone. I have just watched your chat with Scott Kelby, what can I say, what a man, what a great human being. I have been a member of NAPP (KelbyOne) for some years. I joined, not only to have access to great teaching, but because of Scott himself and the whole aura of the organisation he has built. I first came to know about him through his books and was captivated, not only by the way he explained the technical stuff, but by the introductions he wrote in each one, need I say more.

  3. Amazing interview, I am a fan of both of you and when I saw your post about the interview I knew I was going to enjoy it, but boy I had no idea of the amazing and deep it was going to be. You really found and pressed the correct button on Scott.

    Thank you very much I will remember this interview for a long time.
    Good job Karen… as always!


    1. Well that’s lovely, thank you Carlos!
      Know what? I’m going to remember it for a long time too.

  4. Wow!! What a fantastic interview. I have called myself a photographer for many years but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new. Scott provided a fantastic way to learn and and love the process. As for Scotts emotion…. I thought he lost his soul when he switched to Canon but I know now that he still has one!! Wink Wink!!

    1. Good thing souls stay with the original owner… hehheh. 😀
      Glad you liked the interview! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts – love ’em!

  5. I am a new “fan” of yours and I want to thank you for showing me that my twelve years old idea that Scott was only a marketing oriented man was totally wrong and that him, his wife and their team are a great bunch of very nice people, thank you.

    1. I’m glad you had the opportunity to discover that, Robert! I have to say, that while I’ve known Kalebra – and Scott for a little while now, I hadn’t been to Kelby Media until I went back there for The Grid episode that I did – which was when we recorded this Chat. I have NEVER been in a company with a more fabulous, giving, passionate, awesome bunch of people! Every single one of them was absolutely amazing, including the crew that offered to take care of filming/lighting/creating the set for The Chat. Stunning! That kind of atmosphere can only happen when those leading the company are on a like page. It probably said as much – or more – about the Kelbys than any words could have conveyed. I’ll never forget it – and can’t wait to go back for a visit!

  6. Hi Karen. Your chat with Scott Kelby has left me buzzing today and ultimately led me here. I had a sleepless night and watched your your chat at 4am UK time and I was glad I did. It is rare to see such honesty and passion displayed openly. I have been a member of NAPP and now Kelby Media for some time and have a lot of admiration for Scott’s work. Keep up the good work Karen. Kind regards Keith

  7. Scott’s just a wonderful down to earth guy, trainer and educator. Back in 2010 when I started photography, I learned a lot through his tutorials and books. But the big thing came when I got a year free subscription on Kelby training from one of his giveaways. I’m forever indebted for his generousity. A wonderful chat Karen and you, yourself are doing a great job. Big respect!

    1. That’s so fantastic – thanks for sharing that story, Jamal. Love it!
      Glad you enjoyed the episode. Much gratitude for your kind words.

  8. Thank you Karen and thank you Scott. Since I joined NAPP and then KELBY TRAINING way back when, I’ve told everyone that’s it’s hands down the best money I spend every year for my photography.
    Now I understand why that is. Very cool.

  9. Wow, totally unexpected. Loved it. I welled up watching the interview (even more than when I found out Scott switched from Nikon to Canon! LOL) I’ve met Scott at a learning experience (seminar) in Seattle. Total respect for him, Kelby One and all his great instructors.

  10. Thank you so so much for this wonderful interview! You’ve just restored my faith in humanity again. I live my life with exactly these basic and simple principles (do what you love and what makes you happy and do good and do right in every aspect of your life) and am grateful every day that I’m able to follow my passion. I’m an amateur photographer and an accountant and love both aspects of my life even though they are so different… I signed up today for Scott Kelby’s shoot like a pro tour here in Salt Lake City (before I watched this interview) and am now even more excited to go (if that’s even possible 😉 ). Thank you again for this amazing and heartwarming interview!
    Best Regards,

    1. You are SO welcome for the interview, Heike. It was a joy. Scott is incredible – and definitely good at restoring one’s faith in humanity!
      How fabulous that you get to follow this up with the shoot like a pro tour. You’re going to have a blast!

  11. Omg, you made me love Scott Kelby even more. He and his wife have made this so affordable and he is so real. I’m so excited about this next chapter in my life. I get to learn something new thanks to them. Thank you for not editing it out the emotion and passion. Thanks for the simple. Again and again and again.

    1. You’re awesome, Cathy! So glad you enjoyed the Chat with Scott… I LOVE hearing your story – and even more, that you’re excited for the next chapter of your life. High five!

      And you are entirely, completely welcome!

    1. DEFINITELY the real deal, Steve! Glad you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the kind words!

  12. Thanks so much Karen, I’m bawling up as I type this. What a great guy Scott is.
    One time Scott tweeted, he had a big announcement to make, but it was going to be 4 am Melbourne time where I live, so he tweeted directly to me, to say ” don’t worry Carl get some sleep”. What a guy.
    Bestest Carl

    1. Completely agreed with you on Scott! Awesome², he is.
      What a cool story about him tweeting you… but I’m not surprised. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and bawling)!

  13. Unbelievably, totally awesome. Scott is amazing and so are you. I get to go to Scott’s tour in Portland soon and I can’t hardly wait. Thank you Karen. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Joe! It was such an amazing experience, making that episode. I’ve been SO excited to share it!
      AWESOME that you get to go to Scott’s Portland stop! I’m envious. 😉

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