The Chat with Karen Hutton: RC Concepcion

As if Chatting with Scott Kelby weren’t enough when I visited Kelby Media in Florida earlier this year… then I got to sit down with my amazing and multi-talented friend, RC Concepcion!!

Once again, this episode was filmed by Kelby Media’s stunning video crew – who volunteered to do it! They just blow me away on every level; from their professionalism and beautiful lighting/set design… to their smiles, great sense of humor and positive energy whilst working with me. HUGE GRATITUDE and a big smackeroo on the cheek to each one of them!

As for RC… well, the man is peerless at what he does. You’ll hear it all in the intro of this episode; photographer, author, dad, Lightroom and Photoshop expert, teaches all over the world, musician – AND he used to be a DJ and drive an ice-cream truck! Oh wait… did I mention he has a degree in Education? Yeah, the man is a dang genius.

But besides all that, RC is generous, has a huge heart and is an absolute delight. He’s got so much going on – I could do an entire other episode, not touch on ANY of the same stuff and it would be equally as fascinating.

Here, then, is RC Concepcion as you may never have seen him!! Big hugs and thumbs-up for joining me on this one, my friend. 😀

4 thoughts on “The Chat with Karen Hutton: RC Concepcion

  1. RC – you are amazing. What a blessing to watch this interview – just loved it. I had the great privilege to shoot at Horseshoe Bend with you and others at Bill Fortney’s His Light Workshop. You took all those hero shots and were just so much fun there. And I learned so much from you in the workshop part. You are a major blessing to all who have the privilege to learn from you.

      1. You are welcome Karen. And I might add that I have also learned SO MUCH from you about landscape photography. Your photos are majestic and beautiful. I love what you see out there and capture with your camera. Thank you!

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