Climbing, Like a Girl

The Climb

I named this photo “The Climb”, ’cause well, how could I not? The hubs and I were out hiking and photographing along a stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail, one lovely day on Donner Summit in the Sierra Nevada mountains a couple of weeks ago – and we’d gotten separated. No biggie – we agreed to meet back at the car when we were done. As I clambered through a section of rocks, I stepped out onto a granite outcropping overlooking a small group of rock climbers. There were couple of spotters on the ground, a fella on some crazy section of rock – and this gal.

She was working on a move that was relatively new to her, though not being a climber I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was. I just know it looked pretty tough to me – and that she was getting coaching and encouragement from the guys on the ground. Whatever it was required several tries. In between them, she’d dangle in mid air like it was the most comfortable place to hang out; a hundred feet above the ground on a rope. She was huffing and puffing like a freight train too, which gives you an idea about how challenging it was. One thing I CAN tell you for sure: she was badass.

Like a Girl

And it made me think of this video I’d seen recently called Like A Girl . Standing there, watching her focus, determination and strength – I knew what it meant to climb like a girl.

I’m a climber too.
Just not on vertical granite rocks.
But I do it focused, determined and strong…  like a girl.
Hoping to help re-define just what that means for younger generations.

How ’bout you?


6 thoughts on “Climbing, Like a Girl

  1. This is a beautiful photo, I bet she would love it she were to see this of herself. I agree with your thoughts that this climber is a badass . . . climbing like a girl! Love it!

    1. I know, I wish I could’ve gotten her info so I could send it to her! But I didn’t dare disturb anyone while she was on the rock. I just stood there in awe. I love it too!

  2. Karen,
    You are doing it again! I posted a comment to an earlier blog post because I had too! I hardly ever comment on anyone’s blogs but felt I had to tell you how much your photography, your writings etc… impacted me. Well, here I am again feeling compelled to comment. Not that I have anything particularly “compelling” to say! But I have been incredibly busy the past few weeks and haven’t had to a spare minute to enjoy anything to do with photography… and then up pops my reminder email for this post and I stop, go, look and read! What a coincidence that just a couple of weeks ago I was looking for some inspirational videos for our young girls at church and ran across the “Like A Girl” video. I was blown away by it and shared it immediately with the Christian Education Department. Love the photo, yours words and I do believe you do it “Like A Girl”. Girl On! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos with us.


    1. Donna… you ROCK! And I beg to differ about the “compellingness” of your comment. It’s TOTES awesome and I thank you. And that video just sticks with me all the time… it’s so cool you shared with it the girls at church. High five!

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