Shiny Things, Reflecting

I love shiny things.
I don’t mean to the exclusion of other things. Just that “shiny” is high on my list of “liked things”.

What I liked about this shiny thing image is how it responded to just the wee bit of processing I did in Adobe Camera Raw. Clarity, a little contrast… that was about it. It surprised me. The way shiny things often do.

Shiny things reflect light… which of course, is what make them shine so.
The nice thing about that quality is that you can see yourself in them.
Reflecting. Never a bad thing to do, especially if it leads you onward and upward.
Which is where I was just heading… and shall continue to, now.

Thank you for joining me on this KHutt stream-of-consciousness moment.
It’s always such a pleasure having you along! 😀


9 thoughts on “Shiny Things, Reflecting

  1. I seldom comment on photos and blogs but I have to say that I love your photography and your musings! I have followed a number of photographers for many years via twitter, google+, websites, blogs etc… and I have to say you are at the top of my list. Your photography and your writings as well are incredible and inspiring. I hope to elevate my photography to a higher level because of your good works! INCREDIBLE!

    1. Wow, Donna… what an incredibly awesome thing to say. THANK YOU! I so appreciate your words… and your taking the time to write them. 😀

      1. I know what you’re talking about, Donna. Karen, your photos really are outstanding and giving us a taste of what’s going on in your head is a nice candy to tame us with 😀 There are many good photographers I have in my feed at G+, but I can tell you, that when I’m scrolling through it, I almost never look at names, but when an image strikes me the most, I do check it and I’m always almost diappointed it’s always you or Trey Ratcliff 😀 That always reminds me how long way do we, amateurs, have to go for our images to chatch the eye at first sight. Thank you for what you do!

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