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On the PhotoTraces.com blog today, I was featured in an article called “Top Travel Photographers Reveal Their Favorite Photo Locations Around The World – Part 2”.

I’ll admit it… I read every single one of the other photographer’s favorite spots and even made some notes!

My said my fave place (so far) is New Zealand. Dear lord, how could it NOT be?? I loved it so much I couldn’t take it off my bucket list, even after I’d been there! No, it stays pinned to the top of the list. I mean, when you can just pull your car over (then stand in the middle of the road) and photograph Mt. Cook in all his/her glory… honey, I’m sold! It would take a lifetime to find all the awesome nooks and crannies to photograph there. I can’t wait to go back!

It IS, after all, still on my bucket list. Did I mention that? Heh.

What’s on yours?


4 thoughts on “Bucket Lists & Travel Blogs

  1. I don’t blame you for wanting to go again Karen, it is a fantastic country. That’s a truly magnificent picture of Mount Cook by the way. I want to go again, I’ve only been once before and stayed in the youth hostel at the base of Mount Cook, that was a great experience. Another thing I noticed was the almost complete lack of traffic. The only hold up I recall was caused by a huge flock of sheep filling the road. That was ok though, it was nice watching them as they flowed past the car.

    I am off to the Philippines next year and Cuba is also on my bucket list

    1. We stopped at that hostel, John! What a view from there. siiiiiigh.

      You know I’m building my own bucket list by asking others about theirs, right? I forgot about Cuba… which I’ve wanted to see for years! Just put it on there. hehheh. Thanks!

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