Time for a Me-Set

Ever want to just have a break, take a step back, reboot your brain and have everything in your noggin just heave a big sigh and let go a little? Or a lot?

Me too.

That’s why I make photos like this, by the shores of Lake Tahoe in the morning.

They’re like a “me reset.”

Wait… I’ve got a word for it: a Me-Set. Or shall I say… “We-Set”, since we can all do this. Yup. That’ll do. 😀

What’s YOUR Me-Set?


6 thoughts on “Time for a Me-Set

  1. Karen I love the layers of color in the lake water the tree line and oh just everything..BTW have you noticed that the 4th rock from the right sticking up out of the lake looks like a troll’s head..Love it!

  2. Morning Karen… love the photo and the “Me-Set”. But remember your photographs reach others too which makes them much more than just a “Me-Set”. Recently heard a wonderful sermon on the importance of remembering that it is “Thee-ology” not “Me-ology”. Your post today reminded me of that… although it does indeed provide you with a “Me-Set” you are also providing others with that same feeling… that same sigh… and an opportunity to let go for a moment! So it is also a “Thee-Set” for which I give you thanks!

    Peace, Donna

    1. Well said, Donna! And of course, that is ALWAYS my point in sharing thoughts and images. I probably didn’t state it well in this post… but in my mind I was thinking a “Me-set” – for all. that’s always the spirit in which I write these things. I like “Thee-Set!” Wish I’d thought of it!

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