Welcome to Our New Home!

We Have Liftoff!

If you’re here reading this, you’re doing it from our new hot bliggidy-blog home… on the website that’s taken about 9 months to create! (Yes, www.karenhutton.com) WooHOO!! New horizons, new light – and new place to play and create. Some cool new stuff is coming too, now that it has a home… we’re still building!

Let’s take a moment to breathe it all in… (OK, I’ll take a moment… because going live with this website has had me leaping around all crazy like a schoolgirl.)  Ahhhhh…. (That’s me. Breathing.)

BTW… this is a brand new photo I’ve been saving for the new site to launch (it links to the newly revamped photo galleries). I love it. Every time I look at it, it just fills me with light, energy and wonder. That’s why I thought it would be the perfect one for the first post in our new world. 😀


Welcome – and a New Approach

I’m going to keep this short today, but I wanted to FIRST of all, welcome you to the new digs… I hope you like it! I also wanted to let y’all know about a couple of changes I’m making. Mostly re: blog notifications.

You may have noticed that you didn’t get notified of this post. From now on you won’t.  I mean, don’t you get enough email already? I know I do! My only unsubscribers have been those who were trying to cut down on the amount of emailage they were getting. I SO get that!

SO… I’m going to try something new. I now have Newsletter capability. Don’t get nervous! I’m not going to start spamming y’all! Here’s my plan: instead of you guys getting an email every single time I post something here… I’ll send out a Newsletter once a week… or maybe every-other, with the posts from that week. Kind of a summary, one-stop-shop sorta thing. And if there’s anything crazy cool going on, I’ll include that too. I’ll make it look all pretty and easy to scan so it doesn’t take up a wad of your time. Whaddya think?

It’s a tricky thing, to share your world… but not be some annoying notification nazi. I mean, if I could, I’d always ask first… “Is now a good time?”. Cause I’m polite that way. I respect people’s time. So that’s my new plan… which will likely morph as we go along.

Here We Go!

So, can I just say… I’m  SO FREAKING EXCITED about this new website! I hope you like it, find it easy to navigate and interesting to peruse. Heck, tell your friends! We got room for everybody. I’m still learning to drive it… but man-oh-man do I have planzzzz for us here.

Hang on… it’s gonna be a FUN ride!

27 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Home!

  1. WOW! I love it. The galleries are fantastic. I have to admit that I was really sucked and cannot decide which I like best. I’m coming back when I have more time to just linger and get more inspiration. Again…. WOW!

    1. I’m grinning, Bill. Thanks for your kind words! I want this to be a place to linger and be inspired… so hurray for coming back. 😉

  2. The new blog looks beautiful Karen!!!
    So excited for you. I know how much work goes into these things. 🙂
    Good job pretty lady. <3

    1. Thank you Naomi!
      And I just looked at YOUR website… WOWZERS! How did I miss THAt??
      What a fantastic adventure… and site. A group of some of my fave peeps!! hugs to y’all. 😀

  3. Awesome milestone along your journey, Karen! Love the energy that comes from you as you level up! Can’t wait to see where you will head and what you will see next – now that you have expanded and raised your platform. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Glen! I love hearing your wise words and excellent summations. In fact I miss them! Thanks for sharing some here. 😀

  4. A BEEE-U-TEE-FUL new space. Light, bright – zen but with hits of pep! Congratulations Karen! I am “jumping up and down” excited for you! Puttin’ my name on that newsletter list right this very minute!

  5. I love your new home (Takes shoes off at the front door and peers around gleefully)
    Its gorgeous!! Well done and thanks for sharing it with me.
    Oh I love that lamp too! (Karen smacks Tanya’s outstretched hand) 😉
    I just love waking up to your images. They are like a breath of fresh air! Thank you

  6. Thanks Pat… you’d love it there, I’m quite sure.
    And thank YOU for being a part of our fun adventure over here! 😀

  7. Exciting, indeed, Karen. So happy for you and absolutely love the photo. It looks like somewhere I’d like to be and linger for awhile. Thanks for keep us posted on all the new things going on in your life.

  8. Karen! I follow your blog through its RSS on a feed reader… today I thought I recognise the location of the photo and it is indeed where I met you last December 🙂

    I had to wait to be in front of a PC to access your blog and do the comparison with the photo I have from that location.
    In doing that, I got to see your blog and website in its full splendour. I love it!
    Very beautiful! It compliments very well your photography!

    1. Thank you Mikele!! And yes indeed – we shot that together in December, with Mr. Blanchard. Wasn’t that an incredible day? That photo is turning out to be a fave of mine. Partly because it’s pretty and partly because of the awesome company. I’m so happy you chimed in!:D

      1. ^______________^
        It was an incredible day for sure!
        Now I can’t wait to be at home to look at the photos I took that evening. I know I have a some I’d like to work on.

        sorry for the late reply. I am too used to email notifications I didn’t know you saw my comment until now…

        1. No worries, Mikele – I can barely keep up with it all myself.

          Can’t wait to see what you come up with from that evening… 😀

  9. Oh KH!!! Thank you so MUCH for the revamp! Since we are “friends” well chatters matters <—- you can use that 🙂 – I love what you have done with the place! I often wondered why the old site was the way it was – I like this so much better! Look forward to seeing what else is in store.

    Today's photo – LOVE IT! I love the ocean – it is tranquil, speaks to me, love the light it is energy – this photo has everything that I love wrapped in to one.

    1. Hahaha… chatter matters… that’s great.

      Yeahhhh… the old site was tired. I know it, knew it, was so over it… and am soooooo glad it’s a mere memory now. It’s fun being in a new, spiffy place, isn’t it? Like a really good, hot shower after a month in the desert.

      Glad you love the photo too. Thanks for all your kind words and support over here in our groovy little world. I appreciate it!

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