I Am Not Afraid

I Was Born To Do This

I love watching people doing the thing they were born to do. They have no fear. It’s magic. There’s that moment when they ‘lean in’… embracing their true talent, their soul’s genius. It’s the moment when they let go and free-fall, landing in the waiting, loving arms of Creation itself. Oh man, that’s the moment that makes me weep with… I dunno, exactly. It just does. I feel like I’m witnessing a miracle – a burst of the Infinite. Cue the waterworks.

Those moments give me hope. Strength. But more, they fill me up with a presence so much greater than “little me”. In those moments I know there is a God. When someone goes there, they light up with their connection to the Greater Power.  I thought of it when I watched Lady Gaga perform the “Sound of Music” medley at the Oscars this year. I’ve experienced it in so many gifted athletes, teachers, artists… and photographers. “I am not afraid.”

When we stop questioning our gifts, but embrace them… when we lean into what we love… when we listen – and heed – the quiet voice within… light and magic is unleashed. Knowingness takes over. Fear backs off. We’re clear, we’re present, we’re in ‘the zone.’ Darkness flees when the light shines, y’know?


What were YOU born to do?
I’d love to hear in the comments below!


But wait… there’s more!

On a related note, I loved this behind-the-scenes video of Jason Bell (he photographed the royals) prepping and doing a Vanity Fair photo shoot with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Truly fabulous.

12 thoughts on “I Am Not Afraid

    1. Being muzzled by our own fears, rooted to the ground is terrifying! Moving, flying, going for it – is scary – but ALIVE-ifying!!!

  1. I think I was born to do every positive thing in this world. That was a very nice picture and full of inspiration.

  2. Amen to that! In a few short months, I’ve gone from thinking I’m not very good at photography, to being accepted to a very awesome cohort in the Arcanum, to thinking, wait, I AM good at this, to just being accepted as a fast-track master. Wow! I still have a lot to learn, but then, that is the fun part, always learning. And always sharing.

  3. Light will always put out the darkness. Darkness has no power to extinguish light. Your inner glow is inspiring, like a candle used to ignite the light of all around you. Yep…nothing short of awesome:)

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