The Next Fuji Chapter: And So It Begins

If You’ve Followed The Adventure…

Y’all know that I’ve been on a mission of mirrorless. I’ve been…

  • Trying out the Fuji XT1 after my friend Ken Kaminesky suggested I give it a twirl. (I always take the advice of really smart friends. :D)
  • Loving it.
  • Sharing the journey over here.
  • Hanging on to my Canon gear for now… but going all-Fuji for my upcoming 3 week trip to France (I leave in less than a week!!).

Yeah. I think I’ve found my mirrorless home.

Through this entire chapter, I’ve focused ONLY been about what I need gear-wise in order to do what I do. I didn’t care about popular opinion, who’s using what, none of that. I got clear on what my needs were, what compromises I was and was not willing to make and got busy. I shared the process, because I think that’s what we all have to do if/when the time comes to contemplate a move like this. It’s totally confusing otherwise!

I had a chance to borrow the gear this time, but would’ve been happy to buy it and send back if I didn’t like it. I did it before, wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.
I’ve always been one to stand for what I believe in – popular or otherwise. Those closest to me have occasionally wanted to kick me for that… but mostly I like to think they admire it. It’s not always been easy.


Fuji Called

They said “How would you like to partner with us?”
I said “Whuuuuuuut?” (and blinked a few times in surprise)
They said, “We love your images. And if you like our gear, maybe we could work together.” (I’m glad I didn’t know before then that they were watching.. I’d have been nervous!)

I thought about it.
Then thought some more. I don’t just ‘like’ their gear. I LOVE their gear. I also love their history, their philosophy, their approach to photography and gear. (they didn’t know I was checking them out too. heh.)
My rebel self said “Isn’t that selling out?”
My grown up, smart self said “Are you HIGH?? Partnering with Awesome is one of your dreams. This is awesome.”

I queried further. Mind you, my querying is no joke. My friend Trey Ratcliff has said I ask more questions that his 5 year old. I decided to take this as a compliment, since his 5 year old is brilliant. Although I think she’s 6 now.

Anyhow, I’m moving forward as an Fuji X-Pro. It’s all just unfolding as to exactly what that’s going to look like, but one thing is sure: it’s going to be one fantastic, exciting ride, full of delightful surprises and unexpected miracles. You know how I know that?

Because for this year, I chose as my intent: “Living in the Miraculous”… and to me, this is what it looks and feels like.

So, welcome to my miracle. I’m thrilled that you’re here… because of all the blessings in my unfolding career and life, YOU are one of the best!

Recent XT1 images…

This one was handheld, shot at ISO 800, f/16 with the XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS. I added the grain… the original image was clean. I wanted it to be a little messy.


You know I’m getting serious when I break out the tripod, which I did on this one.
ISO 200, f/18, XF16-55mmF2.8.

Annnnd a little Abstractia… processed with some of my textures in The Inspirarium. 😉 ISO 1600, f/6.4, XF55-200mmF3.5-4.8 R LM OIS.


25 thoughts on “The Next Fuji Chapter: And So It Begins

  1. Congratulations Karen 🙂
    With Fuji X it just clicks… filling you with a fantastic feeling by embracing the body and looking deep into the viewfinder. What can be better than a three week getaway to romantic Paris 😉
    Four years ago I started to leave my twenty year relationship with Canon and now I only have the 5D2 and one lens left in my private museum as a sentimental memory. Fuji is irresistible. Enjoy and have fun Karen!

    1. I didn’t know you shot Fuji, Peter! How cool. I love your description, because it’s so apt. I suspect I’m heading toward my own private Canon museum too. haha! It’s bittersweet. Except for the part where my back doesn’t hurt, but the big fat smile on my face won’t go away. 😀

  2. Awesome news Karen! FujiHutton awesomeness coming soon to an image near you! I better buy some KHutt art before it shoots up and outside of my price range. Oh yeah, it already is! ;). We will now have to hang up my wife’s Vida shirt by Karen Hutton and wait for the eBay market to heat up!

    1. HeeHee Glen! You’re high-larious. Or are you just high? [guffaw!]

      As for the artwork… I know someone. I could hook you up. 😉

  3. I found you as a student in the Arcanum and have been much inspired by your work, as a photographer and as an interviewer (that interview with Scot Kelby was incredible).
    I recently switched from my beloved Canon 5DIII system to the Sony A7 mainly for weight issues (back packing, hiking, etc). I am still learning how to use it and don’t have the comfort level I had with my Canon, but the image quality is beautiful. I guess I didn’t know about the Fuji option when I made the decision….

    My question (sorry it took so long to get to it) is I am curious what your list of specifications were that you were looking for in a mirrorless system. Forgive me if you presented this in an earlier blog post and feel free to just point me there.

    Thank you – Connie

  4. Congratulations! I made the move from a Canon system to Fuji about a year ago, starting with the X100s and then adding the XT-1. I’ve never been happier with a product and the ongoing support from the company. I’ll look forward to your new work and related posts.

  5. I’ve been following your mirrorless adventures as I like you need a lighter system to accommodate my long distance hiking needs. Love, admire and follow your work as well as your thoughts and opinion. If the Fuji is good enough for you Karen then I’m thinking it ought to be good enough for me! Looking forward to seeing images from and reading about your upcoming adventures. Safe travels and congratulations on the call from Fuji… as it was well deserved! 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks Kathy! So awesome to see you here! I gotta say, I sure love lighter weight for hiking and teetering around granite boulders (as I do at home).
      Last week, there were a few separate moments when either a rock or my pack shifted suddenly… and before, I’d have toppled over. Instead, I simply adjusted my balance and carried on. That was worth the price of admission! I’ll be curious to hear what you end up with!

  6. Another Karen here and Fuji user. I just got back from 10 days in Paris, having used only my X-E1 and the 27mm pancake lens as a light and compact travel kit. Have a great trip — I look forward to reading about your experiences on your return.

  7. I am so super stoked for you! What an awesome adventure you’re on!
    They are VERY lucky to have you too ya know 😉

  8. Congratulations Karen on becoming a Fuji Pro Shooter. So glad you are enjoying the Fuji System. I am loving my X-T1, and soon I will have a whole new focusing system with the 4.0 firmware upgrade, and a few more lenses in my quiver.

    Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you and Fuji.

  9. Hi Karen, great blog again and I’m so pleased you are enjoying the Fuji gear – Still! Fantastic news on you getting ‘the call’. Enjoy France and especially Paris shooting with lighter gear. What with the new addition of the X-T10 it’s got me thinking is it time to upgrade my old faithful X-E1? But I must add I still think you need the X100T for Paris… I’m looking forward to hearing and reading more of your Fuji experiences.

    Take care all the best

    1. Hahaha Paul… if I bring one more camera to France, I’ll have to re-enlist the sherpas! Glad you liked the post.. and yep, definitely enjoying my new gear. Game-changer!

  10. Love my fuji X-T1 also .. I use it with the battery grip.. fantastic images, color. I cannot wait for the upgrade in June… have a great trip.. love your work..

  11. It’s good to hear your thoughts on the Fuji. I’ve 2-3 comments from other photographers who love their Fuji. My question is how did you adapt to the electronic viewfinder? I find that somewhat daunting coming from using a Canon 7D.

    1. Well, I’ve used an electronic viewfinder before, so that helped. It’s really just something to get used to… with pluses and minuses. One plus: you can pretty much see what your image will look like (exposure, color, etc.) before you take the pic. Less wasted shots. Minus: it’s a bit slow. Although upcoming firmware updates will make that all faster.

      One thing I know: we humans are adapting MACHINES! We can get used to just about anything. Obviously, there are pluses and minuses with that ability… but a big plus with EVF is that you simply get used to it and no longer give it a second thought. For me, the trade-up into all the other benefits outweighed my resistance to the EVF.

  12. I’ve been loving my X-T1 for quite a while now. It just fits for what I do. I expect you will be buying the SP-1 printer in the near future. The prints can make good handwritten business cards when out and about.

    1. Hello Karen,
      I like your art and read your blog site every week.
      I am switch from Nikon to a Fuji XT 1 a month ago , and I like the XT1 !!!
      Looking forward end of June, Fuji make an update to firmware 4 and the XT1 AF is running 😉
      Have a nice time in Paris and all the best !
      Greetings from Berlin , Germany

      1. Hello Bernd from Berlin! Your city is on my bucket list to visit. 😉
        Yes, the XT1 firmware update will be awesome… and much needed.
        Thanks for stopping by and for the well-wishes. Have a great weekend!

  13. Love your images and when I’m reading your blogs it makes me feel as if your right next to me.

    Now I may have to look at the XT-1 after investing in the Olympus EM-1.

    Keep up the great work. I love it.

    1. You’re a sweetheart, Fred…thank you!
      Olympus makes a great camera too – it’s always great to compare, for sure. Just keep going back to what floats YOUR boat.

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