How Stellar!

Stellar Mobile App

I tried Stellar recently. (Click here to see my budding Stellar page.) Heard about it? It’s yet another app built for telling your stories with images, video and text. There are several of these around; I think they get better with each iteration.

For some reason though, I got a wild hair to really give this one one a shot, rather than just window shop. Probably because it’s pretty. That’s what caught my eye first. And it’s super easy to use… always a plus in my book! It excels on mobile; on iPhone now (I know! I’m sorry Androidians! They ARE working on the Android version). I dunno, I just like it. You have to edit them on your phone, but you can see them on computer, which is cool. Super easy to share on social too.

I judge the merit of any new app or thingie I’m going to use by whether or not it’s fun and makes me excited to use it. I know, very scientific. ha! But this one does, for whatever reason. I’m thinking it’s going to be a fun way to tell stories. Teach stuff if you want to. Make fun, portable multi-media content of all kinds.

ANYHOO… just to keep it simple, I started with content I’m familiar with; Mountains, Forests and the Sunsets. I included a bit of video, some quotes, thoughts and… well, let’s just say I’m experimenting. I have some ideas. 😀 I plan to do New York, Paris, France, Rivers and other topics… so there are more on the way! This is what it looks like on the web… you have to download the app to see it on your phone.

Within 24 Hours…

But back to my point… I posted my first three stories night before last.

The next day Stellar informed me that “Mountains” had been added to their own “Action & Outdoor” Collection! I don’t know why I got so excited about this, but I did.

Then today I get a note that this same story is now on the Top 20 list of most viewed. [she claps like a little kid and dances around the room in glee]. All this before I even had a chance to tell you guys about it! So if you like it, will you ❤️ it? (you know, actually click the little ♡ by the comment field.)

I know. I should be more jaded. More grown up. More… boring.
But I can’t.
It think this is way too much fun. It’s positively… (wait for it)… Stellar.

You know I’d go there.


7 thoughts on “How Stellar!

  1. If you are as fun and funny in person as you are on your blog, then I wish I was your best friend! haha But seriously, I sometimes get overwhelmed by all the new technology and social media opportunities appearing so fast and furious. One could easily have 10+ sites that need to be kept uploaded with fresh content. I feel like I need to choose between spending my precious time keeping on top of it all, or stepping away to spend more time enjoying my true love and artistic outlet which is photography. I feel the underlying incentive for most photographers is whether photography is for pure pleasure, or if in addition for pleasure, it is also a business and a way to earn money. But even if it is for pleasure, most photogs like to share their work and it is icing on the cake if others also like their work. Do you have any tips about how to keep a healthy balance between time spent shooting and post editing (the artistic parts), versus keeping up with multiple online presence (the share your work part)???

    1. Oy, you ask a really challenging question, Karen. I get overwhelmed sometimes too! Seems none of us who use social media regularly have the absolute best answer. And we all hate/love it for the same reasons.

      One thing I’ve learned about social is that the more time you spend with it, the more it wants more from you and creates this anxiety. Whether it’s competition, comparison, fear of being left out, the creeping belief that everyone’s work/ideas/life is cooler than yours… WHATEVER… I personally think it tends to suck you in and demand more and more if you let it. It’s weird that way.

      I think it’s important to limit one’s time. An hour – or whatever works for you – then cut it off. Am I completely successful at this? No. But the closer I come to this goal, the better I feel. So I keep my attention on that aim.

      I think you’re on the right track in thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish with social. That helps narrow the field of which platforms you’re going to focus upon and where you’re going to draw the line. Who do you want to have see your work? Where is your audience (whether friends, clients, new folks, etc.)? Each platform has it’s own slant… so deciding what you’re going for helps you shop the right ones.

      ABOVE ALL… I think it’s important to have all your work on your OWN website. Social sites come and go, they change their focus, they rise and fall in popularity. So I’d never put all my eggs in ANY of their baskets! It’s why I maintain a blog (even though social happened first for me, the blog came later) and website of images. I’m not 100% on that… my images ARE on Smugmug, which I adore… but even that is something to think about down the line.

      Beyond that, is there anything else you want to do? A project? For instance, I’m thinking about a book. Either traditional or multi-media, not sure. They both float around my mind and look very cool. I chose to try Stellar because it’s a platform that encourages me to think about and create in that way. I wanted to see what it felt like what ideas might strike, have the feeling I’d created some content similar to a book-like thing. Maybe it’s a marketing tool too. Maybe it’s just a place to try out ideas related to this project. Whatever the case… I chose Stellar because it feels the most sympatico with what I have in mind than any other. If I didn’t have this project in mind, I probably wouldn’t add it to my already-laden mix.

      Like anything else you invest time, energy, money in… eyes on the prize!

      1. Thank you for your well thought out reply. It helps to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with this dilemma. I have had a blog for years, and for me it is my ‘photo journal’ so I can go back and see in a glance what I was interested in shooting at any given time, and also a way to see if I’m improving or evolving in my style or techniques, etc. I also have a smugmug account which I use for online storage of my photos. What I need is a website where I only show my very best work. (I think I can do this on smugmug by only making certain galleries visible to visitors.) So I think I’m on the right track there. Now I need to figure out just how many social media sites I’m willing to invest time in! Thanks again for your thoughts on this subject.

    1. You bet, Roberta… apps are never “forever”… but they’re sure fun and useful while they’re around! I thought a few folks might find it useful indeed. ;D

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