How I Instantly, Painlessly Dropped 7 Pounds On The Mirrorless Diet!

Guffaw! I never thought I’d write a headline like that. BUTT… you asked. I listened.

I’ll keep it short (mark this day on your calendar!).

Hey, You Asked!

You asked: “Would you show a side-by-side comparison of your DSLR vs. Mirrorless set up so we can see the difference?”

I answered: “Why sure!” So.. here it is:


DSLR vs. Mirrorless: The weight factor

To keep it clean, I mirrored the rigs. I aimed for a landscape-centric configuration, mainly because I already had right bags for each team. I included JUST the cameras and lenses, no additional filters nor any of those other extra bits ‘n pieces we all throw in our bags. I used a luggage scale that has proven itself worthy in the accuracy department.

On the left:
  • (2) Canon 6D’s
  • (2) Really Right Stuff L-plates
  • 5 batteries (including the ones in the cameras)
  • 24-70 f/2.8 II lens
  • 70-300 3.5-5.6 lens
  • 14mm prime lens
  • 100 mm f/2.8 Macro lens
  • (2) Peak Design camera straps
  • f-Stop Tilopa bag
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 18.3 pounds 
On the right:
  • (2) Fuji X-T1’s
  • (2) Really Right Stuff L-plates
  • 8 batteries (including the two in the cameras)
  • 16-55 f/2.8 lens
  • 55-200 f/3.5-4.8 lens
  • 10-24 f/4 lens
  • 60 mm Macro lens
  • (2) Peak Design camera straps
  • f-Stop Guru bag:
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 11.1 pounds
Weight Loss Made Easy!

Voila! 7 pounds GONE instantly!

Of course, I don’t carry a big old backpack in Paris. How gauche! How non-stealthy! On all-day walkabouts there, I go commando with my Crumpler 5 Million dollar bag. And I don’t carry ALL my lenses every time I go out landscape shooting, either. Sometimes I trim the herd, especially if I’m going to be hiking many miles. In both cases, I go way lighter than what I’m showing here. I just wanted to demo how the whole kit ‘n caboodle looked like, nose to nose.

Of note:   with my Canon set up, I can’t easily include filters, holders, nor extra layers to speak of. With my Fuji gear in the Guru backpack, I usually have 3 filters, plus my Lucroit filter holder system in their own cases stashed in the top, a bottle of water in the holder on the side, an extra layer or two stuffed in there and it STILL feels light!

So there you have it. One girl’s story of instant and dramatic weight loss success.

[the crowd goes wild]


27 thoughts on “How I Instantly, Painlessly Dropped 7 Pounds On The Mirrorless Diet!

  1. 7 pound it not so big. wonder about Fuji lens choice. will change kit and 10-24 for one wide fix. (imho)
    did weight it only reason go from 6d?

    1. No, Vladimir… lots of things went into the decision. Weight was certainly a big factor though. And while 7 pounds isn’t much… I also rarely, if ever, actually carry all that gear at the same time. So in practice, the kit weighs less. Plus it can weigh next to nothing if I’m in a situation where I only need one low-profile camera.

      What can I say? The system just works for me at this time in my life.
      The lens selection… it works for what I like to shoot.

  2. Oh Karen!!! Thank you for doing this! Interesting and great replies here!! I sadly still am trying to choose which path to travel!! I love this view you have given of the size and weight difference! Thank you again for doing this!!!

    1. Hey Chris! Was that you who asked for that comparison? I couldn’t remember! It was fun. And hey… you don’t need to rush into ‘which path’. When the time is right, it’ll all be clear and effortless. 😀

  3. Karen, two things:
    – Can you tell me which ICU is in the Guru bag?
    – How comfortable to carry is the Guru compared to the Tilopa loaded weight notwithstanding?
    Thanks so much, looking forward to a write-up on your new filter system

    1. Hey Ray… I’ve got a medium ICU in the Guru, a large ICU in the Tilopa.

      As far as comfort… those two are different animals! For my body, I’d say the Guru might be a bit more comfortable. That’s simply because I have a short waist… and the Guru is a shorter (top to bottom) bag.
      The Tilopa IS super comfy… but is a little tall at the top for me. That said, most full sized backpacks ARE tall for me. Tilopa’s good on my back, but I can’t tip my head back too far, especially with a hat on.

  4. Welcome to Fuji, Karen! I am loving my Fuji system too. Have an X-Pro 1 and of course my X-T1. And a few lenses. Love the 16mm. Its been glued to my X-T1 since I purchased it. Love the simulations and the image quality that Fuji bring to the table. Not missing my Nikon full frame kit at all and I was a Nikongirl for a very long time (20 + years).

    1. Thanks Tami! It’s been a wonder… and suits my particular brain, taste and sensibilities like a glove. It feels like home. 😀

  5. That’s great you saved weight with your Crop Sensor camera compared to your Full Frame camera.

    Those in the market could save an extra half pound by getting the Nikon d3300 DSLR with equivalent Nikon-branded lenses and 5 Nikon batteries instead of your Fuji system. As a bonus, the Nikon system is about $2,500 cheaper.

    But of course the weight savings of Nikon DSLR ahead of Fuji mirrorless aren’t the only differences between the two systems.

    1. Yep Simon…there are any number of ways to configure. Like I always say…ya just gotta go with what floats your boat! Good job finding what works for you.

      1. Thanks Karen. You’re right – definitely go with what floats your boat!

        Actually, neither the Fuji or Nikon systems float my boat – I use the Sony A6000 for my travel system, which is smaller and lighter again. It just happens that I’ve been comparing all these systems recently so I have all the specs handy.

        I used Nikon as an example here mainly because Nikon makes closely equivalent lenses to the ones you have in your kit. It also demonstrates that the weight difference you experience is not because you’ve gone mirrorless, it is because you’ve gone to a smaller sensor.

          1. No, this is good! Resources and information are always welcome. And god bless you for going through all that testing, tasting and comparison. Great article – and I’m sure it’ll help alot of folks. Thanks for sharing it.

        1. And isn’t it great that there’s a system for everyone? That’s the wonder of it all for me. Such great choices out there. I’m constantly telling people to think first about your preferences – then go get that. Don’t try to figure out “what’s best” because you’ll drive yourself nuts!

          My kit isn’t the lightest – nor was that the ONLY parameter that made me choose it. But it works great for me and I like that we can talk like civilized folk around here about ALL of it. 😀

          1. Definitely – there’s no “best camera”, just “best for me”.

            I heard your interview with Ugo Cei in “The State Of Mirrorless” series on Youtube and I remember you said that there’s probably about 3 good cameras that suit each person’s needs. I reckon you’re right there – “best for me” is probably actually “pick any of the best three for me”.

            And I also appreciate that we can talk like civilized folk here. Partly because it is very enjoyable and educational, and partly because I find it fun to pretend to be civilized! 🙂

  6. Awesome, Karen! That’s a lot of weight saved! I’m doing the same. I began trimming the weight last summer by adding the Fujifilm X100S to my gear. Love that camera but the 23mm (35mm equiv) fixed lens meant I often carried my Nikon d800 with a longer lens as well. No weight trimming there! I bought the X100S primarily to see if I liked the Fujifilm X series and planned to upgrade to a body that allows interchangeable lenses. Well…last night I did it. I ordered the X-T1 with the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6, the 56mm f/1.2 and the 16mm f/1.4. I know I’ll add a macro and perhaps a longer telephoto in the future but I think this start will serve me well. I’m not giving up my Nikon! I do love images from my d800 and I’ll still use it a lot, just closer to home. As for my X100S, it’s a fabulous camera! It just needs a new owner to teach about the great Fujifilm X series!

    1. Oh how exciting, Terri! What a great kit THAT’S gonna be! I haven’t tried any of those lenses… however…
      My friend Valerie Jardin just sent me an image she took with the 16mm prime… it was her first time using it. She was incredulous at the quality and the no distortion edge-to-edge.

      Can’t wait to see what you create!!

    1. Never mind, I see it now, 1.5 lbs.
      I like that you added extra batteries to the mirrorless bag.
      Great review!

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