My New Awesome Partner: Fujifilm USA!

It Happened!

It’s official. I’m now in partnership with Fuji, as an X-Photographer. I’m completely honored, thrilled!

You can check out my new bio page on the Fujifilm USA website by clicking here or on the photo below (La Conciergerie by the Seine in Paris, taken with my X-T10 and 16-55 lens):

It all happened so fast… yet feels so right.

As an artistic tool, Fuji cameras align perfectly with my view of the world; the way I see it & how I want to experience it. In fact, the bar has been raised to delightful new levels!

As a company, Fujifilm does much the same for me as an artist and an entrepreneur. I’m super stoked about the possibilities, which we’re just beginning to explore.

What It Means… And Doesn’t Mean

What it all means is that I have a wonderful (miraculous & magical) opportunity to take my vision to new levels. I really do “have a dream”… and it involves bringing hope, inspiration and tools to people for whom “living your life as if it WERE your art” is just the “Aha!” they need to unlock FREEDOM in their heart, soul and to experience of the light around them in new and wondrous ways.

What it doesn’t mean is that I pester, pressure and constantly yap at you to buy a Fuji camera because of a financial kickback. The ‘usual’ thing is to receive a bit of $$ every time someone buys whatever it is you’re talking about. It’s called “affiliate marketing” – and I’m totally on board with affiliate partnering as a rule. But I’ve chosen NOT to go that route here. I’ll be working with Fuji directly… creating opportunities, developing content, speaking and other cool stuff. Who knows… we might even have a few giveaways and contests around here!

I LOVE hearing Fuji success stories… or heck, ANY story you want to share! (I read every single word you write in the Comments.) So share those… and I’ll feel free to enjoy them for and with you, not wonder if you bought your camera through me.

That said, I’m not dissing affiliate marketing! In fact, I really DO hope you sign up for a SmugMug subscription with this link and get 20% off (BEST place to host your photos!) or click this link purchase a Macphun product with the code: KHUTT to get 15% off. You’ll get something awesome and I’ll get a few pennies.

But I wanted my Fuji deal to be independent. It just feels better to me that way.

Coming To An Airline Magazine Near You!

Know what else? This ad will appear in the September issue of Delta Sky magazine AND the October issue of United Hemisphere! I’m super stoked! Reaching out to travelers and folks who are going places and doing things is on my Top 10 list of cool things to do.


Images To Relax By…

Finally… breathe with me.
When I get THIS excited, I need to step into relaxing space… like a redwood forest… and let it all sink in and balance.

It’s a 19-shot panorama in Felton, California, taken with my Fuji X-T10, 16-55mm lens, Really Right Stuff tripod – BEFORE I got my ripping new pano head and gimbal. I just wanted to see if I could do it. Worked out just fine. 😀

What is more glorious than light in a forest, beams dancing through redwoods like some etherial ballet, setting the bark aglow? On this day, I felt like I was literally breathing light. Deeply. It's not the same as being there, but I took 18 shots for this panorama... hoping that the spirit of it would embed itself and make it to YOUR eyes and heart. :D

And while we’re breathing, here are a few more, all taken with my fabulous Fujis…

X-T1, 10-24mm f/4 lens… Lake Tahoe, Nevada
I look up, I see youand all I want to do is hug you and hold on forever.

X-T1, 16-55mm f/2.8 lens.. Bonsai Rock, Lake Tahoe
You left a trail back to you that even I couldn't miss.Thank you for that.

X-T1, 10-24mm lens… The Abbey, Mont St-Michel, France
The Abbey, Mont St-Michel, France. Raining, warm, steamy. Dodging tour groups. Moments of serenity, of being shown magical moments in between the clatter. I live for these moments. Where it's crazy all around, but not where you stand.

X-T1, 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 lens… Mont St-Michel, France

X-T1, 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 lens… Paris Opera House, Paris, France
Magic at the Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House) in Paris. Full story:

X-T10, 16-55mm f/2.8 lens… Courtils, France
Courtils, France

X-T1, 16-55mm f/2.8… Lake Tahoe, Nevada
It's not called this on any map... but what else do you call a little cover where not one, but TWO photographers gather. Hmmmm?

X-T10, 16-55mm f/2.8 lens… California Coast. Peter Adams as my supermodel. 😉

53 thoughts on “My New Awesome Partner: Fujifilm USA!

  1. I just watched the Creation Wars 35!!! Really enjoyed “getting to know you” a bit!! I just wanted to to say that my love of photography came before I had any “real” gear. As a matter of fact the Sony camera (a100) I am using now is on loan from a fabulous member of my Cohort!!! So what I started my “for real” shooting on was a FugiFilm FinePixZ which they no longer make, but that camera was fantastic. I learned much from using it and it served me well!!! Some of my favorite photos to date were taken with that little point and shoot!! It will always have a place in my heart!! =)
    Be blessed and congratulations on this new adventure!!!!

    1. Thank you Bretta! And I’m with you… some of my fave images were taken with Sony pocket cameras YEARS ago!

  2. Karen – fabulous to hear that you have partnered with Fuji! My first “real” camera (though not a DSLR) was a Fuji and I LOVED the images that it produced.

    Do you find yourself missing the Full-Frame goodness?

    Also – for those of us that do not have access to look at or play with one in detail – it would be awesomely awesome to the awesome cubed to awesome if you did a video review and an out and about shooting with video. I have direct questions around the Auto-Bracketing function. With Canon – I either use the Custom function to have everything set, or simply quickly set the AEB up and then press the button and it takes the 3,5,7 shots that I have set without having to press the button that many times. Would like to see the multiple exposure function – though I find myself not ALWAYS shooting HDR I do do it quite a bit even if I end up only using one of the exposures. This is one thing that really gets me angry with Sony a6000 and why I don’t want to get an A7rII – I know it is the little things…but hey it bothers me…I think that it is a CDO (that’s OCD in the proper order) thing…

    Anyways – look forward to hearing back from you 🙂

  3. Congrats! How exciting.
    I noticed the ad picture taken in Normandy had the wrong lens description XF 18-55mm F2.8 instead of XF 16-55mm F2.8. If so then it doesn’t match the lens in the picture. Minor details but couldn’t help noticing.

    1. Oh! I missed that Larry! (and didn’t actually create that ad) Good eye… I’ll mention it. Thanks!!

  4. Just wanted to point out that it is “La Conciergerie” in Paris… Doesn’t make the image less gorgeous.

    1. Ooooo… that is one embarrassing and lame mistake!! THANK YOU Theirry for pointing it out! I have now fixed it. You have my permission to point that stuff ANYtime. 😀

  5. Fabulous news and exciting times. Hope you find time to come over to the UK some time to capture our beautiful old towns

  6. Congratulations – many of the most inspirational photographers I follow (you and others) have switched to Fuji. Hmmm…I rented one a few months ago and instantly fell in love with the feel of that camera in my hands. Might be time to give Fuji some of my money to actually own one!

    1. Hey Doug… yeah, I pretty much instantly fell in love with the feel of it. Then for the images. Then for what it did for my photography. A really good tool will do that, if it’s a match to your own sensibilities. Sounds like it might be! You’ll have to keep us posted. 😉

  7. Awesome news Karen. Does that mean the Canon collects some dust now? Or are you shooting the same with it. Pics look wonderful. Always enjoy your pictures, but enjoy your engagement with your fans even more. Plus it’s cool to “know” someone who lives just up the hill.

    1. Hi Troy! Canon is definitely feeling lonely these days. In the beginning I thought I would double-shoot with both rigs, but honestly 1. I loved the Fuji images more and 2. it was just too dang much work!

      I’m glad you enjoy our engagement over here. I gotta say, I love it too! We have a great crew. 😀

      1. Thanks Karen.
        After shooting nearly 500 days straight with my iPhone, I enjoy not lugging 40lbs of gear to shoot so I’m always looking to pair down the gear. If you could shoot with one Fuji camera, body combo what would it be?

  8. This is wonderful, been following your journey to mirrorless. 🙂 Couldnt have been a more desserved match up!!!…… 🙂 Continue to awesome times infinity…..

    1. Awwww… THANK YOU Peg!! It really is all a journey… and I guess we’ll just have to see where it all goes from here! 😀

    1. KEEP dreaming, Aden – and never, ever stop!! Smell it, feel it, taste it, envision it. LOVE the certainty that it will one day happen… or something even more magnificent.

      And it will.

  9. Karen

    Congratulations, that is awesome news. Don’t know if you will remember me from when you were going through the mirrorless selection, but I had left you several comments back then. Telling you how awesome the Fuji X system was, very happy for you and glad you like the X system.

    Continued good luck and love your images.


    1. I do, I do Jeffrey!! And you were SOOOOO right. Fuji has been a godsend on SO many levels. I’m glad I listened to you and the rest of your compatriots. 😀

  10. Congrats Karen! You were one of three photographers whose work and comments helped confirm that buying an X-T1 would satisfy a desire to have a smaller but still fully functional camera (in comparison with my dSLR). I’ve had this beauty of a camera in my hands for just over a week; so far I’m very happy with its behavior.

    1. YAY!! Now I get to be stoked for YOU, Denise. Congrats!

      It’s a different animal than a DSLR and it sure took a learning curve for me. But the learning curve seemed to go quickly with the gorrrrrgeous photos that kept popping out!

    1. I know, right Jorge? My head is still spinning. Definitely a moment for giving thanks, doing a happy dance and move forward without questioning everything. That’s a lesson in and of itself!

    1. Awwww, thanks Bill – both for those words and for hanging out with me all this time. I sort of feel like we have a little family over here and on social. Y’know, made up those of us who’ve been traveling this road together for awhile. I love celebrating EVERYBODY’s wins… and the fact that it’s mine this time is made sweeter in good company. 😀

  11. Congratulations! I found you through Valerie’s site a few weeks ago. So glad you both were selected by Fuji; nice to see more great women photographers in their US group!

    1. Thanks GeorgAnna! This has been very exciting.. but I must say, all the sweeter by Valerie and me getting to share the journey. It’s how we DO, y’know?

  12. Congrats!! It’s such a thrill to follow this journey. You have me re-thinking my next camera investment, for sure!! Thanks you for all the deets and updates. Excited for you.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS, KAREN! This is fantastic news. I’m really eager to hear more from you directly about these cameras…the photos are magnificent…certainly I’m not surprised…you could do that with any camera…but these are terrific! Hugs!

    1. Hey Ray… no it doesn’t. I’m working with them on certain projects – and doing some speaking, etc. It’s basically all just unfolding now… so we’ll see what all it entails! Stay tuned… 😉

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