NYC & Photo Plus Expo

I’m in New York City! Woot! I’ll be here for 10 days.

What brings me here is Photo Plus Expo. Ever hear of it? It’s the largest photography conference and expo in North America. Yep, she’s a big’un.

Even more specifically, I’m here to speak as part of the Fuji-X Photographer team. Exciting!

By the way, I believe Fuji is printing this image for the show… and I suspect it may be fairly big. I haven’t been over to the Javits Center yet to see everything, so we’ll see! You know I’ll share that with you. We do, after all, have that ongoing conversation about the Fujis and large prints. Will they or won’t they? (I suspect they will, just fine.) 😀

3 Tasty New Topics

I was given “Whatever you want” as the directive for speaking topics (which made me want to run around all nutty, like one of those crazy dog videos)… so I went with three new topics, which have been SOOOO on my mind of late:

“The French Mirrorless Diet”

How I shed pounds, freed my muse and discovered RAW truth in France.

“Life Your Life as Art”

Your soul’s genius unleashed.

“Find Your Voice, Free Your Soul”


They all come from my whole notion that says; the kind of focus we give our art without question is JUST the sort of focus that our actual lives deserve. Living your life “as if it were your art” can take you places your soul and physical reality has longed to go.

Dante Aligheri, (1265-1321, The Divine Comedy) said:
“Beauty awakens the soul to act.”

I so believe that!
I also created a whole slew of new works that I have’t published anywhere else, like this one, taken one foggy, moody morning after a big rain at Donner Lake in Truckee, CA with my X-T1 and 16-55mm lens:

... and up and up it went, the Hobbity Road. It went past the lakes, past the gnarly bend trees, up the makeshift stairs and up into the mist. And then, it would seem a traveler disappeared. Taken at Donner Lake, CA

Stirring, Nudging, Tasting

From the moment I picked up these Fuji cameras, a new type of creativity has been stirring. It’s true that the best camera is absolutely the one you’ve got in your hands. I also think that at a certain point, a particular gear choice can nudge your artistic ‘voice’ into newer and more interesting directions than you might have considered otherwise. It’s sure been that way since I met Lady Fuji. She has proven herself to be a veritable paintbrush for my visions.

Finally, if you frequent this blog, maybe you read my last post about a deepening and unfolding of my work. The realizations continue… it’s been thrilling! These talks here at PPE begin tugging on those threads. I’ll even be showing photographers an exercise right out of voice coaching that can open them up to experience a more resonant, full-bodied expression of their artistic voice!

I present them all this week. If you’re attending the conference here in NYC… come say hello!

If you’re not, no worries, I’ll share. Stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “NYC & Photo Plus Expo

  1. What a faboulous week! NYC + PPE and unpacking the X-Pro 2? 😉
    For me Fuji X is the “infinity in the palms of your hand”.

    “To see a world in a grain of sand
    and heaven in a wild flower
    Hold infinity in the palms of your hand
    and eternity in an hour.”
    – William Blake

  2. Hi Karen.

    I sat in the front row to hear your presentation at the Fuji booth at PPE on Friday. You may remember me as you asked me what I do and I responded wealth manager and retirement income planning.

    I greatly enjoyed your presentation. Your photography is lovely and speaks to the soul. Your message impressed me as it was about life and not just photography. We’ll done!

    Last week I sold the last of my Canon FF DSLR gear and L lenses. 2 years ago I started using Fuji with my purchase of the X-E2. Now I’m all Fuji with the X-T1, a bunch of Fuji lenses, the X100T along with my X-E2. I just got back from a 2-1/2 week travel vacation in China and Japan. I will be posting my favorite images soon on my website,

    I’ve been a long time Lightroom user, but I’m not satisfied with the Fuji RAW conversions. I purchased Capture One Pro 8 a few weeks ago and I’m liking the results much better. I was curious what software you use for your Fuji RAW processing needs?

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Bud,

      I sure do remember you! I’m so glad you enjoyed the presentation – and thank you so much for taking the time to write. In my mine, life really IS light… connecting the dots is a natural thing.

      As for processing my RAW photos… I keep meaning to try Capture One, even had a trial version that I was too busy to try! I’m thinking that over the holidays I might give it a shot again, because all my friends who use it love it. But for now, I’m still using Photoshop, which is where I do all of my photo processing. I suspect I’m going to love Capture One! Which is why I want to dive in when I’ve got the time to do it properly. 😀

  3. Hi Karen, Your photographs look beautiful. I wonder how you find the XT1 as far as dynamic range goes, and also if you find any problem with the sensor getting spotted, and needing cleaning more
    quickly than dslrs? I have to say the camera is the most beautiful camera I’ve seen since the seventies Contax cameras.

    1. Hey Bruce… thanks!
      As for the dynamic range on the X-T1… it’s freaking incredible! Ditto the X-T10. That’s one of my top favorite things about these cameras, frankly. That and the colors.

      And no, so far I honestly haven’t noticed any problem with the sensor getting spotted or needing cleaning more than my DSLR did. I haven’t heard anything about that yet from others, either. That’s been my experience, anyway!

    Your soul’s genius unleashed.

    i like “Life your Life” but you probably meant “live your life” … but somehow “life your life” sounds kinda cool, especially after spending the day ‘life-ing” with wood carving tools as was my day :>)

    know you’ll have a fabulous time and kick-ass life-ing life!


  5. Well, it’s better than any mirrorless I’ve tried so far. I like to photograph birds SOMEtimes, but wouldn’t call myself an enthusiast. Being able to do it at all certainly put the Fujis in the “Plus” column for me.

    But if I were a SERIOUS bird photographer – and that were a HUGE part of my goal for a camera, I’d might stick with my Canon or Nikon just a little longer.

    The only way to know whether it’s fast enough for you is to try one yourself. Everyone has different thresholds and eye-hand reflexes… making this particular feature a super individual call.

  6. Hi Karen:

    Thanks for keeping us POSTed with what’s happening with you and Fuji. Between you and Scott Bourne and the “We shoot Fuji” website, I have a hankering for a Fuji myself.

    How is the Fuji when it comes to autofocus and subject tracking. I like to take bird pictures and that is one concern I have.

    Thanks again for your inspiration and for sharing your very beautiful creations!

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