Postcards From Rome: Q&A


I’m keeping it short ‘n sweet today with “Postcards From Rome”.

Today: Valerie Jardin and I decided it would be fun to do informal Q&A sessions while we’re here in Rome… and you’re welcome to chime in with yours too!

Ask us anything! Are you curious about what it takes to be a professional photographer? A street photographer? Travel questions? Want to know what we had for dinner? Whatever… ask away!

Here’s our first video, taken at The Capital in Rome. We answer three really good questions from Margaret Gaines, Tanya Wallis and Glen Orsak.

Thank you Ken Lyons for doing the honors shooting the video! He’s here on Valerie’s workshop. He’s such a wonderful photographer and an absolute peach for helping us out!

(shot on my iPhone 6s Plus)

New Photos!

I’m still trying to get ahead on processing photos. Valerie’s so fast… zip-zip and she’s done.
Me… I take a little while, as a rule. HOWEVER, in my next blog post, I’ll show some straight out of camera .jpg images from my X-Pro 2 that I had a hard time finding anything TO do with them!

I still love creating my artsier pieces… but when I want to show lots of photos in a short amount of time, those Fujifilm film simulation filters are a Godsend!

And BTW… I honestly don’t mean to sound like a Fujifilm commercial. But I vowed to share my point of view and experiences on this trip as they are. Part of my real life experience is what this camera gear allows me to do.

For instance.. this one is SOOC with the Velvia film simulation filter:


And this one, I artified some (although Rome is pretty danged artified already!):


10 thoughts on “Postcards From Rome: Q&A

  1. Just started watching this series and I find the videos to be inspiring. Thank you, Karen.

    1. So happy to hear that, Cal! One never knows, when one launches that crazy idea they have… 😉

  2. Hi,

    I am finding your blog, videos, and trip very inspiring. I have a few questions and I’m not sure if you will want to answer them but thought I’d ask anyway.

    My perception is that you (Valerie) pursued this dream a bit later in life. When did you become a full time photographer? Please forgive me for asking but were you in your 30’s? 40’s?

    How did you ‘learn’ how to be a photographer? Did you go to school for it? If yes, which one?

    What software/photo editing programs do you use if any?

    I hope you have a wonderful experience and trip in Rome!

  3. I have another question that could be addressed to you/Valerie or Ugo (i think he left already though).

    I still struggle so much with time. 30 hours/week for a job and I just feel so stretched and frustrated to not have enough time to spend focused and productively on moving my photography forward. The ideas won’t stop (yay) but trying to wrangle them in and make them happen while making sure I do what I’m paid for at the moment and of course while juggling the rest of life, family and other commitments.

    How did you guys handle this? How do you spend your days at home/in the office? I don’t think that Ugo sleeps because I’m pretty sure he still has a FT job as well. Unfortunately I don’t function well with no sleep! What’s the typical day to day routine in the life of a world famous, traveling, blogging, promoting, creating, shooting, working photographer look like?

    Kind of two different questions there – but I think sometimes those who are pursuing the photography life don’t always see or understand all the behind the scenes work that goes on. They see photographers who are sponsored by Camera Manufactures, Tripod companies, etc. and think they live the good life and get all their trips paid for and have staff who keep their blogs, websites and online presence up to date.


    1. Hi Lauri. Yes, I do sleep quite a bit, thankfully 🙂

      How I do it? Well, for one thing I don’t commute, so that’s a whole lot of time I don’t waste. I mostly don’t watch TV (that’s a good thing) and read too few books (that’s not as good). So this leaves me quite some time, after family and business, to play the part of the famous, traveling, blogging photographer.

        1. Great question, Lauri! Great answer Ugo, I also do not commute so I do not have any excuse. 🙂

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