Postcards From Rome: 2 New Q&A’s

2 New Q&A’s 

Today we started tackling some of the new, great questions you guys have been asking! THANK YOU for piping up! It’s really fun to share this experience with you to begin with… it’s made even better when we can answer some of the queries that inevitably occur to you when you follow along a crazy adventure like this one. 😀

The first is from Lauri Novak, who asked (in part) this question.”How do you juggle family, commitments, life – as a professional photographer?” It’s challenging! And the answer completely depends upon who you are and your life. But like anything, where there’s a will there’s a way.. and with patience, timing, creativity and a “never give up” attitude… it CAN be done!


The next question came from Carol Gilb Massey, who asked: “Are you shooting RAW or JPG on this trip? If RAW, how do you handle the noise at high ISO when shooting at night?”

I took a moment under an umbrella on a warm (very bright, hence the squinting) day at the Piazza Navona to answer this one. I’ll be honest, I used to obsess alot more over high ISO than I do now… you’ll see why in this video!

New Image!

Finally… on our way to dinner one night with the marvelous Ugo Cei and his lovely wife, I stopped to check out the view of the Tiber River. I didn’t have a tripod, but did have the stone of the bridge itself to rest my camera upon.

I still had to rest it on my hand, then hold as steady as I could. That meant a little higher ISO than I would’ve used on a tripod… but in this case, ISO 800 did the trick.

I processed it in Macphun’s Aurora HDR Pro, then did a bit of my own sweetening… it didn’t take much!

Fujifilm X-Pro 2, 16-55mm lens
ISO 800, f/11
5 secs.


2 thoughts on “Postcards From Rome: 2 New Q&A’s

  1. Hi Karen,
    I absolutely love following you! Might I encourage you to either stand out of the wind to protect the microphone on your iPhone when you are recording to reduce wind noise, or get an external microphone with a windscreen to do the same? There are probably some you can purchase even while you’re on the road, as they are pretty available and for less then $100. I couldn’t hear some of what Ugo Cei was saying even when he repeated it because the wind was gusting right as he was speaking both times ;( You have captivated me, and I don’t want to miss a single word! Looking forward to “hearing” more! lol
    – Susan

  2. Hello Karen,

    Nice to see that you shoot Fuji nowadays. Beside the Fuji x100t, I also shoot the x-pro2. It’s a lovely camera and the best what Fuji have to offer. At least for me. I follow your blog and from Valerie. Good idea and very funny. Nice to see the background of Rome, because i have their several times before. Great city to shoot with amazing light. Cheers, Robert

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