Postcards From Rome: What’s the deal with clouds?

What’s the deal with clouds?

Valerie Jardin and I are besties, but differ in lots of areas. Like clouds! For me, a day like this one, taken at the Roman Forum, is heavenly.

It was later in the day than was ideal (to the point: that big, honkin’ shadow strewn across the bottom half of the image.). But the astounding skies more than made up for it, IMHO. It just made the entire experience of seeing this spot for the first time otherwordly!

Specs: Fujifilm X-Pro 2, 16-55mm lens
ISO 250, f/8
16mm (24mm full frame equivalent)
1/900 sec

But in street photography, it’s allll about the contrasts and dramatic lights & darks. Oh yeah… and local, authentic people! Which are sadly lacking (we’re not counting tourists). Seems they left a long time ago.

[Random note: Valerie can quote lines “The Gladiator” like no one I’ve ever met!]

We made this impromptu “Postcard” video to ‘splain the differences. 😀


8 thoughts on “Postcards From Rome: What’s the deal with clouds?

  1. Gorgeous photo! I’ve got to say that we didn’t see a sky like this the entire time we visited Italy. I wish I had had more time to wander around the Forum….did you get to see the cemetery where Julius Caesar was killed? I am so bummed we didn’t have time to go and photograph that area.

    1. Thanks Heather!
      As it was told to me, he was assassinated at the Torre Argentina, which I did see. It’s now a cat sanctuary! You can’t even go down inside of it… but you can see hundreds of kitties, which are cared for by a group of dedicated citizens. Not sure how JCaesar would feel about that… but there it is.

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