My New York (inner) Journey

I just got back from New York. What a trip. It was as much about the inner journey as it was the outer one.

Let me start by saying 2016 was a packed year. Full of surprises, breakthroughs, a few frustrations, lots of growth and new experiences. And now… lots to think about, feel into and make decisions about.

And I’ll admit it, I took a blog break. Just a little one. Even I need to step awayyyyy and take a breath now and again. Y’know, get a new perspective. So I did.

The Value of A Personal Trip (for art’s sake)

New York was a personal trip. I made it with my friend Valerie Jardin. We thought it would be fun to just take a trip and not have an agenda (which turned out to be challenging for both of us!)… and just see what came our way.

Now, I love NYC, but personally I find it challenging. It’s alot; alot of energy, alot of distractions, alot of input on so many levels. Artistically and photographically, I find it harder to find my balance, focus and voice there than almost anywhere in the world. And that’s always bugged me.

So this time, I decided to “embrace the horror” (as a friend of mine refers to his approach to almost any challenging situation).. and let myself be uncomfortable. Dwell in possibility, not expectation. Allow things to happen in a new way. Ask to be shown the way. NOT KNOW. It all sounds so noble on paper… but it’s incredibly uncomfortable when you’re in the middle of a process like that. Days when you delete everything on your camera. Times when you feel like you suck at this and should just take up knitting. Moments of doubt and agitation on a level that have you questioning everything including your sanity.

Not that I speak from personal experience or anything.

Embracing The Horror Leads to New Perspective

So. New York.
Like I say, it was challenging for me. But I chose to embrace the horror, take no shortcuts – and was rewarded with a renewed (refreshed and deepened) perspective… which honestly, I can’t entirely put into words yet. It’s still unpacking into my being. I do see it in my photographs though. From subject matter to post-processing, I wiped the slate clean and did my best to follow the quieter voice on the inside. The one that never fails me. Tried new lenses, new approaches.

As an artist it’s how we expand and deepen our art.
As a human, it’s how we create a life we truly love.

It’s also how we survive in times that push us to our limits. We have to walk past the outer clamor and chaos, past the inner mind chatter and continue on till we find our stillpoint. Easier said that done. And even when you think you know how to do that… you have to then be willing to take it further than you ever dreamed possible.

So… this was my journey. Make of it what you will.

Comments, questions – as always, welcomed.



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11 thoughts on “My New York (inner) Journey

  1. Brilliant to peruse about your experience. Furthermore, to the extent I can see, it was justified regardless of the battle! A significant number of these shots demonstrate that you at long last found a section. I especially like a portion of the imaginative flare by means of particular shading. A city brimming with differentiations. Individuals associated and not, structures brimming with chuckling and movement and some not. Wonderfully done, you caught it well. I additionally cherish the pictures you caught. Each with an alternate point of view and feeling I am certain.

  2. Gripping images, love all of them, especially the mood of the dark cathedral behind trees….please post a tutorial on how the post was done….Its such a joy to view these images with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning..Thanks

    1. Ooooo… I think those two are my faves, Willy!
      And you know what… I didn’t process them much at all. They are a great example of why I love Fujifilm cameras! Shot at 6400ISO, I did a bit of clean up, detail and contrast enhancement… and lightened them up a bit… that’s about it! If I get some time this holiday, I’ll see if I can make a video for it. I mostly tried to not mess them up. 😉

  3. Karen:

    Well…as far as I can see, it was worth the fight! Many of these shots prove that you finally found a groove. I particularly like some of the artistic flare via selective color, etc.

    1. Heh.. thanks Jeff. Glad you enjoyed the exercise and the results. Many leaps of faith in there, on many levels. 😉

  4. Wonderful to read about your experience. I visit Chicago now and then and feel the same way. Cities are full of subjects and energy but can easily overwhelm the nature dweller in me. I can handle it for a day but then need to retreat to a quite place to just breath and find my center.

    Love the images you captured. Each with a different perspective and feeling I am sure.

    Head to your mountains, feel the calm, hear the wind. It is like being home.

    1. I sure hear ya Gigi!
      My goal this time was not to be conquered for any reason. Be in my center, anytime, anywhere, on my terms… and light up my vision no matter what. I’m glad I hung in there… it was sure an interesting exercise!
      Now I am indeed glad to be home, feeling just a little more badass for the experience. hehheh.

  5. A city full of contrasts. People connected and not, buildings full of laughter and activity and some not. Beautifully done, you captured it well.

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