Create Different: When (Written) Words Just Aren’t Enough

“Create Different”. I decided to do just that and record my blog post. See, my morning began today with the startling realization that it’s time to shift gears with how, what and why I create. “Whoa!” I thought. “What game is afoot now?”  Welcome to my newest experiment!

When I got home from France this past week, I realized I hadn’t written a blog post in 2 months (though I’ve made incredible ones in my mind about a hundred times). What was up with THAT? Alot of resistance, that’s what. I spent a couple of days trying to push one out and trying to make myself to get with the program, but got nuttin’. I felt dry as a desert. Such a crappy feeling.

Finally I decided to stop, ask and listen for a new direction.”Create Different” is what I got. THAT notion has far reaching implications! But in the immediate, it meant speaking today’s blog post. So I did.

And look – it’s even illustrated! hehheh. Where will this lead? It remains to be seen. Suffice it to say that ALOT of new information, inspiration and impulses came through this morning. I’m excited!


Create Different: The Visual

Naturally, there MUST be a photo to serve as illustration for these fun new thoughts. That’s still awesome – since sharing photos is like breathing to me. Today I chose one that I thought fit the theme perfectly.

It’s from my recent voyage to France for my “The Artist’s Voice” retreat. This was during the group’s visit to Grasse, (always a fan favorite!)…and I thought the light and shadows were like another world. So I processed it that way! That’s Marjorie Lord, one of our participants, finding HER voice; so it all seemed to fit.

It was the most fabulous retreat! And I JUST decided to open up 2 new spots! (lots of requests, so I thought “Why not?”)
Curious? Click this link to check it out!

Let me know what you think of this approach to blog posts in the comments below!

(Image photographed with my Fujifilm X-T2 and 18-55mm lens.)

Marjorie vs. The Shadow

16 thoughts on “Create Different: When (Written) Words Just Aren’t Enough

  1. Karen – I concur with the others – your voice just works! I fully recognize that you have worked very hard to develop that skill – but words on page are static, 2-dimensional and this recording was so much more. Although you are a visual artist – there is a unique interplay when listening, just listening, with no visual. I have watched plenty of vlogs and many are very good but to be able to shut everything off and just listen. And with your voice… this could be really fun and a huge treat for those of us listening! 🙂

    1. Amy, that’s amazing – and really helpful feedback. THANK YOU!! I’ve often felt that way… and was raised listening to stories told by the masters in recordings. It stimulated my imagination on SO many levels – and I swear, is part of why I love storytelling in ANY medium, visual included. Working on my next level of recording planzzz even as we speak now!

  2. Karen, you do a lot of voice over work and there is a reason… you have a wonderful voice. I could listen to you all day! I love the idea of mixing it up because I thoroughly enjoy your writing as well. And I would love if you would add video in the mix too! You have so many talents. In the end you are right to do whatever feels right for your creativity… that is what will work best for you. I’m hoping it involves, writing, speaking and maybe an occasional video too! I love watching you edit your photographs! You’re a great teacher and I would love to see more. Whatever you decide you can be sure I will continue to tune in. You are one of my favorite photographer/storytellers…. I might even say you are my favorite. There is a depth to your photography that makes me want to just sit and let my eyes wander over your photographs and listen to the story you have created there. There is no just “flicking” from one to the next. Thank you Karen for your inspiration and for sharing your numerous talents with all of us!

    1. Hey Donna,

      This is great… a thousand thanks for these thoughts. I believe I agree with all of them. I feel like I’m being drawn to a new way of working on so many levels and it helps to know there might be a “there” there. I so appreciate your taking the time to write all of this out – and your sweet words. More to come!

  3. You have such a lovely voice and hearing you speak instead of writing pushed the point home for me so strongly.

    1. Hey Jennifer, This means alot – and I’m beginning to get all sorts of new ideas, just from trying this and asking the question. THANK YOU!

  4. Inspiriational words as usual. I shut my eyes and tightly tuned into your every word and heard them well. A thing I picked up years ago is we read blog posts in ‘our own inner voice space’ and not the speakers , so we can miss the expressions and sometimes true meaning of anothers written word. The spoken blog / words in ‘Karen Hiutton’s VOICE’ has so much more power as I am hearing your expressions, sound levels, nuances , and I can’t gloss over verbal as I do in written blog posts generally. I listened to your words with my eyes shut relaxing and not letting a word go astray. Side note, little brain dings!! My authentic voice – what is it? Think different, be different, act different. Be BRAVE!!!! Love the audible blog!!!

    1. Ahhh, Divine Ms. M… thanks for these thoughtfully crafted thoughts. (and for your visage as my muse!)
      This is exactly what I’m hoping for. A voice is so powerful, as you’ve discovered… being able to put voice to the voice only seems like the next logical step. All the different ways and means for doing that nowadays are mind-boggling!

      Be Brave indeed. There I go, giving advice so I can follow it! hehhheh.

  5. Love, Love, Love this format… and the message!! The short 10-15 minute segment works, for me anyway. It allows me to take a short break and just listen. I also think a spoken message, with your natural voice inflections comes across so much better than being written. I can actually “feel” what you are saying! I hope you’ll continue with these.

    1. Ahhh, thanks Penny. Great feedback – I appreciate it so much. I wondered if the length was in a good range, so it’s helpful to know it’s in the pocket. I SO agree with being able to say what it is you want to say – the WAY it should be said! I’m excited about possibilities here… and am super happy to hear you’d like to see (er, hear) this continue. 😀

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