Glacier Blue

I have learned that Lake Wakatipu is the longest lake in New Zealand. 50 miles in fact.


And when the light changes, so does the color, in quite dramatic ways. Even on a stormy, stormy day the glacier fed waters seem iridescent, which I found almost startling! This was a couple of days before “Trey’s New Zealand Photo Adventure” started, where Trey Ratcliff, Scott KublinCurtis Simmons and I drove around the countryside, doing reconnaisance on locations, taking photos and playing the “guess that 80’s song” game. Ha! Most entertaining.

It’s exciting to be here, thrilling to be part of this fantastic team… and I gotta say, this place feels like a piece of home. Strange how some places can be like that, isn’t it?  I’m finding lovely NZ is one of those spots for me.

The Heavenly Light on Lake Wakatipu

Our first couple of days in New Zealand have been rainy, rainy, rainy! Big winds, power outages, trees down – exciting! Trey Ratcliff, Curtis Simmons and Scott Kublin and felt intrepid and eager to get out and start photographing though… so with big smiles positive expectations we jumped in the truck and took to the road. We were not disappointed!


Like a sign from above, the sun shot some heavenly rays to light up The Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu like the biggest, baddest stage on earth right as we approached! It was SOOOOO windy and alot colder than I expected, so we whooped, hollered and shivered as we photographed this amazing moment – which was gone right after, vanishing as quickly as it had appeared. Pure magic!

Trey Ratcliff… Processing. Heh.

Trey Ratcliff is a thinker, adventurer, old world gentlemen, traveler, innovator, thinker. I’m seeing New Zealand for the first time… and am fortunate enough to see it Trey’s way. I’m part of the team presenting Trey’s New Zealand Photo Adventure… and it is going to be AWESOME!!

Know what else? I’m a fortunate girl and life is very, very good.

I love this shot of Trey from New Zealand. He’s known for his photo processing… and here is is. Processing. In a whole different way.


Operation: Launch the Blog!!

It’s been my plan for quite some time to get a proper blog launched into space. I had thoughts and ideas swirling for months. Contemplated the purpose of it and what it would include, this i-land of Karen’s World!


It certainly must be photo-centric. Voiceover inclusive. Link to my Google+ hangout shows – along with other shows I’ve visited or co-hosted. Linkage to interviews. Be a place to say, share and create.  I wanted one place on the internet to call my own where EVERYTHING could live, work and play together in perfect harmony. Or pleasant cacophony, depending.

And now… voila! This is it.  A humble beginning, but a start nonetheless. I’m excited and ready to have a new adventure!! This also coincides nicely with my very first trip ever to New Zealand – the land of a lifelong dream for me. I’m part of the Team of Trey for Trey’s New Zealand Photo Adventure, from Feb. 6-10, 2013!

To get in the mood ahead of time, I pulled out  photo of mine from a year or so ago, taken on Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. It always looked to me like the land of hobbits, elves and magic… and seemed the perfect image light up this new phase – and my very first-setting-foot-in-NEW ZEALAND-moment!! (I’ve been writing that in capital letters for a few weeks now. It’s the one place my extreme excitement pops out, like the screech of a little girl! Otherwise I’m trying to stay super focused to wrap up everything I need to before I go!)