Sunset Day

Sunsets always make me think of a simple thing my mother used to say ALOT: “My cup runneth over.” She was blessed in life and she knew it. Perhaps you have to live through enough in life to really appreciate the depth of that sentiment. Apparently I’ve crossed that invisible line, because every day now, I truly do feel like my cup runneth right the heck over!

It seems sunsets resonate with a deeply sublime place in lots of other people too, because The Weather Channel is actually dedicating September 19th as “Sunset Day”! More about that in a sec (and the Hangout On Air I that went with it)… but first, just breathe with me:

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Karen Hutton Guests on Trey's Variety Hour #57

From Photo Fun to Facebook Woes… this is a fun one! I join Trey and Company for conversation about:
– Some complaints and thoughts about Facebook and promoted posts (Alex did an experiment where he paid $40)
– We all share new photos (Alex from a Russian dungeon costume party, Thomas from Decompression, Karen from a recent trip, and me from a car trip here in New Zealand last weekend)
– How we are surprised at feedback on photos
– The new Google Nexus phone and photo-sphere mode

Karen Hutton & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey’s Variety Hour #50

Gino Barasa and I team up again to guest host Trey’s Variety Hour! With Trey out traveling, we hold down the fort  and are joined by Alan Shapiro, Ron Clifford, Michael Bonocore, Vivienne Gucwa, and Chris Chabot. We talk about “Photography, Relationships and Innovation at the Speed of Light!”

The panel discusses how ideas and innovations are happening at lightning speed these days and the role G+, other social media platforms are playing in this phenomena. We hear about some pretty cool developments in folks’ lives as result of these new developments… what some of the problems are we face as artists… and share a few “takeaways” that we can all apply to our lives and experience here!

Karen & Gino Barasa Guest Host Trey's Variety Hour #48

My pal Gino Barasa I guest host for Trey while he was traveling about and are joined by Thomas Hawk, Scott Jarvie, Todd Sisson, and Brad Sloan. We talk about  suspicious people without Facebook accounts, one year of Google+ (what went right, what went wrong, what everyone would like to see in the future), and a little bit called “I think this is crap!” where everyone rips on Gino’s photos 🙂
Hey, it was his idea!

Karen Hutton co-hosts with Trey Ratcliff on Trey's Variety Hour #33

I co-hosted with Trey on this show. What fun! We were joined by a merry band of wild artistic types: Brian Matiash, Jaime Ibarra, Chris Chabot, Kelli Seeger Kim, and Ivan Makarov.

It was a wonderful, lively discussion about social media and the new opportunities it brings to artists.

We also shared our G+ Discoveries:
Sarah Jarrett, Barry Blanchard, Mitch Dobrowner, Nyk Fury, Klaus-Peter Kubik, David Pairé, and Tanya Rochat.