My Ethics

I put this page together so you know how I roll and so we’re all the same page.

Hi, I’m Karen Hutton. I’m a serious photographer who doesn’t take herself all so seriously. I blend in other things too, as you can see on my About page. My #1 love is creating photos, sharing them, talking about all kinds of stuff that comes about as a result of explorations with my camera. We have an awesome, ever-growing community here… full of like-minded explorers, photographers, enthusiasts, lovers of art, life and light. I love our little world – and work hard to build and protect it.

First and foremost, yes I absolutely photograph and process all the images on my website myself. The only exception: when I’m sharing and highlighting someone whose work I admire… then I’ll state their name clearly, offer links to their site, etc.

I don’t “sell” editorial posts. Ever. Either here or on social media. Every post and page is my own creation. I’m not paid to do reviews, nor does anyone ever change my opinion about anything by paying me. Never have, never will. Sure, people sometimes send me free stuff to try out, which is all fun and good… but it absolutely does NOT change my opinion on whether or not I’ll recommend it! I will never, ever take money or free stuff to falsely claim that I enjoy using something or lie about how I feel about a product. Life is too short and I have a painfully short fuse for that particular game. If I say I like something, I like it, the end.

If I’m linking to then there is a 100% chance that I’ve included my affiliate code in the link.  My site has many sponsorships and partnerships, including affiliate marketing. With Amazon, I get a small percentage of every sale, but it does NOT cost you any more money. YOU always make the decision on whether or not you’d like to make the purchase, always with my blessing. Again, I would not even have the product on my site in the first place if I did not believe in it.

Sometimes I offer codes to other partners (like Macphun and SmugMug)… similar deal. I receive a small percentage if you purchase, it costs you nothing. And always, there is no obligation whatsoever!

So, that’s it! It’s pretty simple.

I know you are very busy (like me), and don’t have time to mess around.  I’m right there with you. You come here for inspiration and honest thoughts & opinions about things.  So know this: I use all the same stuff I recommend on the site. If I change my gear, I’ll update the site. I believe it is very important to be transparent with my community on these matters, hence my being super clear!

Nowadays we connect with each other through the internet. We have our networks of trusted sources, experts, visionaries and inspirers and other people with whom we feel a connection. Trust is paramount!  I value these connections with all my heart and I appreciate your trust. I hope we travel together for many years to come! If there are ever any concerns whatsoever, feel free to contact me using the contact form on this website.