Desert Heat & One Hot Sale

Valley of Fire

Deserts in general are mystical to me. Otherworldly. Paradoxical. And crazy photogenic! I don’t think I’d choose to live in a desert world… but holy wow, I am just completely awed into silence (riiiiight??) when I step into one so magestic and magical as Valley of Fire, just outside of Las Vegas.

I visited there most recently when I went to Photoshop World last month. I went with my brother-from-another-mother Barry Blanchard, his new wife Traci and friends. Barry is like the unofficial ambassador of VOF. He loves it really, really hard – and knows better than almost anyone. Seeing it first through his eyes when he introduced me to the place a few years ago taught mine to see things differently there. I LOVE when that happens!  It changed my perspective completely. And took my breath away.

Valley of Fire is unique. It’s alot like the other, more popular desert-y spots in Utah and Arizona… but MUCH less visited. You really have to make friends with the place. Love it. Quietly applaud it, so that – just like Tinkerbell – it comes to life before your eyes. Those same eyes that take a little patience and tuning to see it all properly. Mind you, I’m still working on mine. But I think I had a little breatkthrough this time:

Pure intent. Like a beacon in the night. Valley of Fire, Nevada at blue hour.

Oh yeah. Crazy love that place!
Valley of Fire blushes and turns a little redder.

The 5DayDeal Starts TODAY!

NEWSFLASH: The photography bundle that is (in my humble opinion) the BEST deal out there starts TODAY at 12 noon PT!

It’s an interesting concept: A sale that lasts for 5 days only, offering an insane discount on photography tools and stuff.

So here’s my nutty thinking: y’know how there are these two photo contests coming up on Viewbug – where the grand prize is yet another couple of Fuji Cameras (I’m judging one, Ken Kaminesky is judging the other)? Well, maybe… just maybe… this is your chance to get some new chops, pick up some new ideas that’ll help you slam dunk your entry into new realms of beauty and creativity?

I love it when things ties together. 😀

In any case, if you use this link (or click on the image below)… you can check it all out for yourself after it goes live at 12pm PT today. And yes, I get the credit if you use the link here. Just being open about that. TOTALLY your choice how you do it though… I’ll love ya no matter what! Mostly, I want you to get the goods while they’re available.. from today through September 15.

Here’s a sneak peak:


And with that, I’ll bid you adieu!

I’m off to the airport to pick up one awesome friend: Tanya Wallis, on her first-ever trip to the U.S.!! More on THAT story soon… hint: you might need a hanky!

Live, Uncut & Photo Hosting

Live And Uncut

There’s a wonderful street photographer and super awesome fella named Paul Griffiths who does a webshow call “Live and Uncut”. In it, he talks about street photography, cameras (he’s a Fuji guy) and, y’know, all things photography. He interviewed me before I went to France, since I was going through my whole DSLR to mirrorless drama and testing period… and had just landed upon Fuji. You can see that first episode here.

When I got back, Paul wanted to follow up. See what shooting street was like for this landscape girl… see how Fuji had been for me… and generally welcome me back. I always love talking to Paul over in London and this was no exception! You can check out the blog post here… and below is our fun video interview.

Fun fact: He got that Fuji banner in the background of his studio JUST for this episode! Heehee.

Thanks Paul!!

And then…

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The Landscape of Life

Me Loves Options

Sometimes I don’t know if I love black and white or color better. Or… big, open space epic photographs or macro. Or… chocolate or really ripe raspberries.
Then I retrieve my senses and remember that I don’t have to choose! In this lifetime, on this planet – we get options and choices. I treasure that to my very core.

(SIDEBAR: I created this one in Macphun Software’s Tonality Pro. I love how fast it is – and how you can bring back color selectively like here, or split tone in the blink of an eye. Should I tell you that all of Macphun’s software is 40% off until Nov. 29? I think it’s fair… cause maybe you love a discount as much as I do and want the option to git one!)


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New Seasons, New Works

Changing Seasons, New Ideas

There’s something about a change of seasons that makes you re-evaluate. Shake it out. Refocus. At least that’s what happens to me.
Fall’s a hard one to miss… Mother Nature showing off her flashy colors kind of slaps you face and says “WAKE UP!!!”. I love it when she does that.

And since my new website is coming around the final corner – and with it, new works – I’m tuned reaaaalllly finely to “New”. So highly tuned, I could sing an aria right now! Soprano. Which I’m not, normally.

This is one of my new works… which I’m sharing here first. It’s not going on social until the site launches. But I do love letting you guys in on stuff before it’s really, truly public!

This was from our recent foray down the Eastern Sierras. Man, what a necessary brain break! There’s just something about aspens in all their finery. Photographers in Colorado and Utah get these kinds of shots all the time – with the strong, vertical white lines of aspen trunks against the brilliant warm hues. But it’s not as common in California aspen for some reason. Except certain places in the Eastern Sierras. I think this might have been Bishop Creek. Or Hope Valley. I forget – so lost do I become in the swirling glory of color!


I love an impressionistic turn too.. something I haven’t shared a lot. But I do have a set of works I call “The KHutt Collection” (with a chuckle, of course!) that’ll be on the new site. This is one of them. They’re all a bit different… but WAY more on the “artified” side of things than the realistic. They’re fun, something I’ve done for awhile… so I thought it was time to start showing them.

The 5Day Deal is still going… for 4 more days!

OH! And let’s not forget… that if YOU’RE a photographer looking for tools to learn new things, try new ideas and blow your own artistic mind for a new season of awesomeness…

REMEMBER the 5Day Deal!!    $2000 worth of training tools for photographers for only $89.
It sounds so car salesman, I know… but this one is for real.
I was stunned by how huge this sale was last time – and some people missed the deadline (it only goes for 5 days… this one ends October 20th at 9am PT!).
But this bundle is even bigger. So now I guess I’m double-stunned!

I thought I’d share some of the cool stuff from friends of mine,  renowned photographers one and all…

My gal pal Nicole Young’s got a landscape tutorial, Lightroom presets AND a book in the sale:

Nicole S Young - Landcape Photography

Good friend Trey Ratcliff’s entire “Midnight in Paris” 7 hr series is part of the bundle too:

Trey Ratcliff - Midnigh in Paris

The always fabulous Jaime Ibarra will have you compositing like a boss: (and clearly, saving money like one too!)

Jaime Ibarra - Compositing Bundle

Fellow Arcanum Master Scott Wyden Kivowitz is in there too:

Scott Wyden Kivowitz - Absorbing Light

I swear, this bundle will keep you going all fall, winter… maybe even all year! I’ve got my eye on some things I want to learn too… because you can just never, EVER stop learning.

So if new seasons make you want to expand your photography mind and world too… click any of those images to learn more (and yes, if you end up buying… that link will credit me. Just being clear – and appreciative!)

Or click the ginormous…

5 -Day-Deal-find-out-more button. Heh.


No matter what… I hope you rejoice in the season – whatever yours brings!


5Day Deal – Bigger Than Ever!

The 5Day Deal – BEGINS!!

Drum roll, please…. [as the crowd goes wild]

I’m setting this post to go public EXACTLY at 9am PT, 12 noon ET… because THAT’S when this fantaaaaastic event begins!!

But first, a quick confab. Some of you know what the 5Day Deal is, some of you don’t.
So that we’re all on the same playing field… here’s the rundown on the lowdown.

5Day Deal Is An Event, a Package & a Give-Back

An event… because it’s a sale that lasts for EXACTLY 5 days. Then it’s gone – POOF! And they’re not kidding about that!
A package... because all these incredible photographers & sponsors get together, throw some of their most popular tutorials, presets, textures – and sell it all as a bundle for a crazy low price.
A give-back… because 10% of every sale goes to 4 charity partners. That was the part that clinched my commitment last time. The goal is $100,000… and I bet they make it!

Basically, it’s $2000 worth of merchandise for $89, plus contribute to great causes. It’s crazy!
This is why I love bringing it to you… because it’s a freaking AWESOME deal.
I. Love. Deals. I hate paying full price for anything. And for once… mega goodness for mini outlay!!



What’s In It For You, KHutt?

What do I get out of this deal? Fair question! Especially since on this round, I don’t even have stuff IN the sale.

If you wind up making a purchase after clicking on any of my links – I receive a small portion of each sale. It ain’t much, believe me! I’m just being honest and transparent about that up front. You’re under NO obligation to buy, nor will you be nagged or judged by mean girls after visiting the site and NOT making a purchase.

But the bigger reason I’m doing it is that the last time I did this,  1. I got the biggest kick out of  watching so many people get such fabulous tools for so little money. They were SOOOO excited… and I couldn’t believe how much fun that was!  And 2.  I was shocked to learn that we’d raised $45,000 for charity.  So when the 5Day Deal gang asked if I’d like to help share with folks this time around… I said HAIL YEAH!

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole if it was a stinky deal with skanky people. Life’s WAY to short for that.

Anyway, I could blab ad nauseum about it… but why not just go find out and judge for yourself. (always preferable to BEING judged!)

5 -Day-Deal-find-out-more

That’s all I’m sayin’.

If it’s not for you… we’re cool. If it is… ENJOY!


5 Day Photography Bundle Deal… It’s ON!!

I don’t often do retail stuff over here… but as I’ve mentioned, I’m part of a REALLY COOL photography bundle that is a benefit to you… me… and some really great charities, all in one moment. Gotta love that!

Snag $1200 of photography ebooks, presets, actions and videos for just $89!


“Whuuuut??” I hear you gasp. “Can it be true??”

Indeed it can! A group of us photographers have put together a super special offer. Between January 5 and 10, you can grab more than 15 ebooks, over 12 hours of video tutorials and hundreds of Adobe presets and actions for Lightroom and Photoshop… all for less than $100. Can you say BARGAIN? And a great start to the New Year!

Better still, we’re donating 10% of every sale – that’s $8.90 – to charity! That’s the part that kicks it over the moon for me.

How is it possible? Well, we all just thought it was an awesome idea: Donate one or more of our own products into the bundle in return for the chance to sell it at this amazing price AND contribute to the greater good in one fell swoop. There really is no catch other than the offer only running for five days between now and 10 January – beyond that you’re simply getting a bunch of great downloadable products at an incredibly low price. BAM.

So what do you get for your money? I’ve put the full list below, along with details on the charities we’re supporting. You can also just jump over to the website to find out more or place your order by clicking the link below! All the info is there too.

But remember this only available for 5 days: Jan. 5 noon EST – Jan. 10 noon EST.



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