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Very powerful presentation, keep the light, and keep telling the stories, you have a wonderful voice.

— Guy Parkes

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Excellent Karen, congratulations.

— Glenda O Gul Guevara

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You’re so great Karen!

— Michael Tyler Dearden

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Thanks Karen! Very well done talk. I thoroughly enjoyed your perspective.

— Mike Jacobs

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Thank you for sharing your life and photography. Though not a photographer, what you shared applies to any art and I can apply it to mine. It’s also a wonderful way to live a life. Thanks for opening the gateway for all of us. Namaste.

— Candy Coleman

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Karen is my inspiration!

— Deana Lamb

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Well done, very much enjoyed. Your work has inspired me!

— Raymond Barlow

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Just watched this tonight, and one viewing simply wasn’t enough … Better watch it again tomorrow!

— Shannon Adelson

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I could watch you speak for hours.

— Paul Varricchione

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Thank you  for a very inspiring talk. So true. For those of you that haven’t seen the show yet take the time and watch it, very well spent time, you will look at things differently after this! Thank you again! Loved it

— Siri Brændshøi

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Your Google talk still remains top for me…it was like you sharing the soul of a photographer.

— Sarah Sever

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Such an inspiring insightful talk by Karen Hutton. Love her fire and fantastic photography!

— Mark Meyer

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Wow, Karen Hutton on Signature is such a kick in the ass and palm slap to the forehead! Photography, writing, voice, motion graphic video, creative spark … Action. Great talk on art and life. Thanks for doing this.

— Bruce Goren

I brought Karen in to speak to my professional speakers group. Topic: using powerful visual images as a part of our speaking businesses and careers. I’d seen Karen’s photography before, so I already knew that her images themselves would be powerful. And many in our group are motivational and inspirations national speakers, so I knew that her subject would be of great use to them. What I didn’t anticipate was seeing an entirely new perspective of how I could use visual images in my topic (personal finance) to really draw people’s interest and emotions in. The lens through which I’m refining my speeches now has been shifted significantly! Of the dozens of speakers that have addressed our group, Karen was definitely one of the most unique and impactful!… Sacramento, CA

— Stacey Powell, Founder and CCO of The Finance Gym

Google was 100% WISE for snaring sweet (and über smart) Karen Hutton to speak at the palace! That’s what I call a real “no brainer,” indeed!

— Larry Anderson, Tupelo, MS

One of the bestest, most amazing people anywhere! You know what’s even better than Karen on video? Karen live. Her energy and joy transforms everything in it’s path. (I saw an elephant seal fart glitter when we were together … I swear.)

— Alan Shapiro, NYC