Well hello! It’s great to meet you.

Welcome to my world. ⠀
It’s about so much more than photography –
and yet, photography is the perfect medium, since it lets me speak in the language of Light.

It is my native tongue.


I believe…

  • That the best photography is love and light made visible.

  • In belly laughing at least once a day. (Bonus points for more than that.)

  • That following the path of things you love with all your heart can change your life.

  • In telling the people you care about that you love them. Tell them often. And mean it.

  • That Life requires a tremendous sense of humor.

  • That art gives us permission to connect with the Divine.

  • That creating a big & beautiful life is an art form unto itself

FAVORITE QUOTE: “The artist’s vocation is to bring light into the human heart” —Robert Schumann


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Welcome to my world...


You want a showpiece, a limited edition, a photograph of rare beauty; a piece of art to fulfill your heart and soul? You can have it.


“You’re THAT VOICE!” I hear that a lot. Producers who’ve been looking high and low for the perfect storytelling voice do a happy dance when I get in the booth.


Most requested themes: photography, creating art, motivational, and how I got over 2 million social media followers with over 10 billion views. Audience will walk away inspired and possibly knowing that I was once a clown on ice.

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