Professional figure skater… Dancer… Equestrienne/horse trainer… Actor… Broadcast talent coach… Voiceover artist?? Whuuut? Ok well, my life hasn’t been traditional, but it’s been filled with the kinds of color and texture that give my speaking a unique brand of depth and breadth.



Pro Speaker Bio

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Karen Hutton

Karen is on a mission to light the world through breathtaking photography and transformative spoken word. She is the voice behind her art, which instills light into your soul and opens your eyes to beauty that surrounds you.

She is a highly sought after speaker, photographer and voiceover talent. Her forte is being able to capture light, to create incredible fine art Landscape and Travel photography and blend her talents beyond what you see on the outside.

Karen’s passion for her craft inspires an audience of 2+ million followers on social media, with over 11 billion views of her photographic work to ‘feel’ the emotional signature that is embedded in her work. It moves her and her audience to see “… that brushstroke – that gesture – is all about the landscape of Life… the heartachingly beautiful movement of light within Life itself”.

Her voiceover work has been featured on countless commercials, announcements, voice systems and tutorials worldwide. Her vast and varied coaching and mentoring throughout the years has given her a platform to share her love of life and depth of experience with each audience so they can truly see the most exquisite masterpiece they will ever create is their own life.

Alan ShapiroOne of the bestest, most amazing people anywhere! You know what’s even better than Karen on video? Karen live. Her energy and joy transforms everything in it’s path. (I saw an elephant seal fart glitter when we were together…I swear.)” — Alan Shapiro, NYC


Live Your Life As Your Art: Your Soul’s Genius Unleashed

Through stunning imagery, humor and thought-provoking ideas, I love showing how igniting your inner “spark of divine fire” can unleash life lived as a masterpiece of art. This presentation explores…

  • How art lets us dream (it shines a light on our Soul!)…and ways you can begin to dream again.
  • The incredible power of “What If” and how it can transform your life.
  • How living your life as art can help you create a life that fully expresses your soul’s divine voice.
  • How living that story can become your legacy and the truest form of art.
Finding Your Artistic Voice

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. This presentation explores how to find your artistic voice in your photography; but it translates to life itself. Finding your voice takes a lifetime, but using it can start now. Using gorgeous visual examples, this presentation leads viewers through a simple process for weaving the story of your own life, who you are and what you love into your photography.

Landscape Photography: Capturing the Brushstroke of Creation
What goes into the kind of landscape photography that takes your breath away? From the gear, the thought process, the vision and preparation, even the post-processing, this presentation shares tips and techniques for creating visually stunning images that also resonate with deep personal meaning and artistry.

Customized Messages
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"I brought Karen in to speak to my professional speakers group. Topic: using powerful visual images as a part of our speaking businesses and careers. I'd seen Karen's photography before, so I already knew that her images themselves would be powerful. And many in our group are motivational and inspirations national speakers, so I knew that her subject would be of great use to them. What I didn't anticipate was seeing an entirely new perspective of how I could use visual images in my topic (personal finance) to really draw people's interest and emotions in. The lens through which I'm refining my speeches now has been shifted significantly! Of the dozens of speakers that have addressed our group, Karen was definitely one of the most unique and impactful! www.thefinancegym.com... Sacramento, CA"

— Stacey Powell, Founder and CCO of The Finance Gym