I Need a Fuzzy Moment: My Divine Dichotomy

Life is exciting. Especially now! There is so much afoot in my world, so many dreams and ideas all manifesting at the same time… and I am so, so grateful and joyful!

My Fuzzy Little Heart

But I’m experiencing a divine dichotomy, because I also feel a little frazzled and need a fuzzy moment. Mind you, this is not a complaint!
 I’m definitely lifting my limits up and out right now. It’s true that everything I’m doing right now has a learning curve attached to it and takes longer than it eventually will. I tend to imagine that I’ll get stuff done faster, fit more in a day than apparently I can. It stresses me out, I’ll admit it. So, I’m having a “divine dichotomy” moment. A divine dichotomy is that thing where you have two clearly contradictory feelings about the same event at the same time – and they are both 100% true for you.  The Universe is not a mutually exclusive place, knows life is not one-dimensional, so it says “Hey, go for it! Feel all kinds of stuff in the exact same moment! Have a ball! It’s all good.”

You know you’re having a divine dichotomy when you find yourself feeling happy AND scared… mad AND amused… accepting AND annoyed… over the same exact event. You don’t even have to rule one out! As for me: I’m so stoked that the dreams I’ve been envisioning for so long, staying positive about and focused upon, yes – even hearing choirs of angels singing about – are manifesting in ways that are surprising and delightful. I now have cool action steps to take. Oh, I loves me some action. Hehheh. AND at the same time, I feel anxious over accomplishing enough, making deadlines, meeting people’s – and my own – expectations, being awesome enough, successful enough blahblahblah.

Even as I write this, I have to laugh. Because things ALWAYS work out perfectly. Always have, always will. I always ask that things unfold for my highest good and the good of others. After all, ask and ye shall receive… I trust that. But I guess old habits die hard, and being a triple Virgo (!!)… the unsightly Fret Monster rears its head at times. Like now. But it’s OK. My amazing husband always reminds me: “You can only do what you can do.”  I used to think of that phrase as an excuse for laziness. Now I use it’s calming message to temper my Type A drive – in order to allow enough space for blessings, goodness and perfect timing to have their way.

So, this flower is a reminder for me. To breathe, step back, use a delicate hand (instead of a iron fist) to create – and take delight in each and every moment on the road. Because those moments are like little jewels that are woven into the glorious tapestry of our great big beautiful lives!

I thought I’d share this moment – since I figure I’m not the only one who could use a fuzzy moment.
You have my permission to take it. Grin.

Taken with my Canon 5DIII, 100mm macro IS II, in Santa Cruz, CA.