Milford Sound Woke Moody That Morning

Rainy, rainy the night before, Milford Sound woke moody and blue in the morning. It happened sometimes, and it frankly wished the tourists would quite imagining that every day was sunshine and fairies. It sent a sand fly to bite one of them standing there with a camera.

Yeah. That kind of moody.


The day the workshop headed to Milford Sound was gorgeous. The closer we got to the sound, though – the more it was a rain situation. We’d planned on shooting sunset, but got pretty much rained out. The next morning, however, woke moody and dramatic. We got out early pearly so that we could be out on the rocks while the tide was out. The rocks aren’t huge, just slippery. I drew on my figure skating background and did my best to glide gracefully over them with my backpack, tripod and camera. I made, though I can’t vouch for the gracefulness. heh.

The tide comes in so fast there that it’s a true test of your ability to set up and shoot several compositions FAST – all the while keeping an eye on the shrinking land bridge back to solid ground. I’m not kidding when I say you’ll be knee deep in water within 10 minutes if you don’t keep moving! But the compositions from all positions are so amazing, you just can’t go wrong – and all the rock hopping/sliding is just part of the adventure! The mist, reflections and moody colors made it like a fairyland morning… which of course was what I asked for the night before. I giggled in delight at the results.

I think it’s always important to ask for what we most desire. It’s easy to forget sometimes… but a simple request can create the most amazing of miracles.