My Interview in Extraordinary Vision Magazine

I was fortunate to be interviewed recently by Angelo Ioanides, publisher of a beautiful e-magainze exclusively for the iPad called Extraordinary Vision. Here’s the description, taken from its iTunes preview: “Published each month, Extraordinary Vision Magazine takes you in to the minds and lives of these extra-ordinary individuals to not only elevate the power of your images, but to also give you the knowledge and tools to support your lifestyle as an outdoor photographer – whether that be as a part-time enthusiast or as a full-time professional.” 

EV-article1 EV-Contents

Personally, I just think this is a gorgeous, action-packed publication… and I was so delighted when Angelo contacted me! We talked some about my background, the importance of having a distinctive character or “signature” about one’s work, having a vision when you shoot, post-processing and how “story” ties into it all. I always feel a little weird when I talk alot about myself. In fact, when I meet someone new, I’ll usually be the one asking questions.  I’m way more comfortable that way. But Angelo is such a great guy to talk to, he made it easy!

I feel really honored to be amongst the luminaries who have been included in this issue – and the debut issue before it. The magazine is beautifully produced, which is something I so appreciate. I’ve already learned tons by reading through everybody’s articles and watching the videos all from the comfort of my iPad! Know what else? It’s free! Click here for the iTunes Preview.