The Big Red Horse and The Thistles

Anyone who knows me, knows that horses have occupied a LARGE part of my life, heart and soul. I was practically raised on a horse – and taught and trained horses for over 35 years. I don’t miss the industry one little but, but horses will always be a part of me. So, when I discovered that horses, cows, sheep and many other lovely animals dot the pastoral landscapes here in New Zealand… I knew some horse images were in my future!

This guy was an elder stallion, in a huge field with his mare and foal. He was content, nibbling the tops of thistles – a true delicacy. What a sweet fellow he was too! I couldn’t help but think of my special horse Warlocke… a most unusual, magical animal who graced my life for 27 years some time ago. I called him The Big Red Horse. He had a fat white blaze like this fellow here too – and well, how could I NOT bring this moment home with me? He was a true charmer. :))