NBC Nightly News & Virtual Photo Walks

How great is it when thing you love to do most allows you do something for others? Oh, it’s really, really great!
I’ve done several Virtual Photo Walks (VPW) now. Every time, I meet the coolest people. In fact, NBC Nightly News’ Ann Curry just did a story on VPW, embedded below:

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Isn’t it amazing that by using the hangout feature on Google+ along with smart phones, we can visit and interact with folks from all over the world and take them with us wherever we go photograph? We can help them see places and people they probably will never get to see in person. I was on Google+ from Day 1 and have only half-kiddingly said all along it has the power to help heal the world.  VPW is just another example of why. Google+ photographers have stepped up globally to shared their passion with those who can’t get out to photograph or see the world for themselves. Let me  tell you, doing them a blast and I plan to continue!

John Butterill deserves all the accolades he’s receiving now for coming up with the idea… he and Bruce Garber have created something truly wonderful! It’s thrilling to be part of the VPW global team… and I’m over the moon about the attention it’s getting.

Oh yeah, and note the final shot of the whole thing.
That silhouetted image with the sunburst? It’s a photograph I shot whilst on a Virtual Photo Walk from Hovenweep National Monument in Utah last June. (I can hear my friends laughing right now about the placement of the photo… the parting shot! hehheh.) Unbelievably, we had cell phone connection in the middle of nowhere! The short bit right before my photo was a snippet taken from that photo walk.

(And oh yeah… answer a couple of emails during the ad at the beginning! I have no control over that part. ;))

You can watch our entire Virtual Photowalk from Hovenweep National Monument by clicking on this this link!