Perspective and Point of View

Y’know, I’m always going on about how weaving your own personal point of view can give your photos that “stamp” of recognizable YOU. I think it’s all part of showing up authentically as Who You Are in your art… but more, showing up that way in life too.

I named this photo “Look Up in Wonder”, because that’s exactly what I couldn’t stop doing that warm, summer evening in Siena, Italy.


It shares the reality of my moment (gawking my eyeballs out!)… but I also liked the added perspective that my 14mm prime lens created.

Because that lens does a certain kind of distortion when you look up at buildings like this,, it gave this image the particularly surreal sense of history I felt all over and around me. It was like the buildings themselves were elders, holders of secrets and treasures more ancient than I. And that even as I stared up at them… they unblinkingly returned the gaze, assessing these younglings wandering amongst them. At least that was the movie of my imagination! And every time I look at this photo, I’m right back there again, in the late night warmth of gorgeous Siena, where I could practically hear the whispers of all those who had once lived there. Coming to a theatre near you. Welcome to the poster. hehheh.