The Big Picture

The big picture is a wondrous thing. It’s that nice looong view that gives you some perspective on yourself, your life, your project, your whatever-marvelous-thing you’re headed toward. It gives you a moment to breathe. A chance to rise above all the hoo-ha and decide which way the wind is blowing. Figure out whether you need to layer up for an incoming storm… or get out the suntan lotion. When you tune into the big picture, it shows you important patterns. Brilliant colors and rich, yummy textures. Where the avoidable jagged edges are… and where the light is most brilliant. (Chances are, you’ll want to aim for that.)


Any journey in life worth writing home about calls for a mighty, mighty focus. A ton of attention to details. Problems to solve. Some distractions. Mega lists. And snacks. Lots of snacks. After awhile, maybe you look around and you can’t quite recall where you were going – or why. Or maybe you remember all right, but wonder if you’re on the best path to get there. You question everything from your direction, to your motivation to your sanity.

So you get up above it all and visit The Big Picture in an effort to remember what the heck this journey was all about. And you take a breath. You rise above all the hoo-ha… and slowly and figure out which way the wind really is blowing. And decide that as life journeys go, yours is pretty darn good. A few course corrections needed – but you can see them now. And the break in the action is nice. It’s restful and restorative. Pretty soon you’re ready to resume the journey with a lovely, renewed sense of direction. You stop and take a mental picture of the view from up here – and vow to return much more often. The big picture is such an awesome destination and a great place to visit – any time of the day or night. The view;  incomparable!


This photo was taken from Deer Park Heights in Fe. 2013 in Queenstown, New Zealand. It was a truly stunning evening. And a genuine Big Picture moment for me. sigh.