My Friend Michaela's "New Day"

Over here, I mostly talked about art/life/inspiration/photography-related stuff. But like everyone, I have a past. No, not sordid and reality-show style past! I used to coach news reporters and anchors in voice and on-air performance. I did this for close to 25 years.

About 15 years ago, I met Michaela Pereira. It was right before I became the network talent coach for the-then ZDTV, which was later renamed TechTV. (Even later, chiseled into G4.) We were kindred souls from the get-go, hit it off immediately and have been BFF’s ever since. We’ve been through a veritable lifetime of trials, tribulations, events and celebrations together.

She moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles 9 years ago to co-host KTLA’s TV morning show, every year winning another set of awards and accolades, because yes, she’s just that good. Then recently, destiny called once again. She just moved to New York to be part of CNN’s brand new morning show called “New Day“, joining Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan: it debuts this Monday, June 17.

I am so unbelievably proud of her!
This is her first interview for the show… aptly enough, with Chelsea Clinton:

I say “aptly”, because if there’s one thing Michaela stands for, it’s empowering young women and children. I’ve always so admired her tireless community work… which really, comes from her most awesome adoptive parents’ upbringing. This article talks a bit about her growing up; I mention it because it gives context to her story and why everything that’s happening now is so wonderful.

I sound like her PR agent, don’t I? Well, it can’t be helped! I’ve been through so many of life’s ups and big downs with her – and she with me. This new chapter of hers calls for some BIG celebrating – and I’m just jumping up and down with joy that the world finally gets to meet her!! Lucky, lucky world!!

Here’s one of several videos that CNN posted to introduce the “New Day” gang. This one is of Michaela talking about her broadcast “roots.” Oh, and that thing she talks about; where at TechTV the TV people had to learn how to talk tech – and the tech people had to learn TV? Yep, that was my job, to teach them how to do that.  Those were some GREAT times, I’ll tell ya! Amaaaaaazing people came out of that group! BTW, that close-knit crew also included Erica Hill and Sumi Das two other great friends and who have gone on to great things!

My point of all this? It’s simple: to celebrate my dearest friend’s success. To jump up, cheer and holler from the rafters; “BIG Dreams Come True!!” (I actually have a card that says that, right in plain sight at all times)… and “GO MICHAELA!!”

But also to stop for a moment and appreciate the past, the future and all that makes us who we are. Then to ground myself fully into the present, THE place where Great Things Happen. And on Monday morning, to love being one of millions watching someone near and dear to me step out – and soar! Thanks for sharing this moment. 😀