Thunderstorm Days = Awesome Sunsets!

Since I love shooting sunsets, I especially watch for thunderstorms. Up in the Sierra Nevada mountains where I live, they are most prevalent in July/August – and are pretty much “drop everything” events if you’re a photographer! My electronics and computer equipment doesn’t love them – but my camera sure does! Here’s one from a few days ago:


All week, we had the rumbling of thunder and sporatic lightning. But most evening colors were just so-so. This particular day, however – elements appeared to be lining up. I got myself ready. All we needed was for the thicker cover to lighten up a little toward the sun and we might have a light show. Then sure enough – it happened! I grabbed my camera and hot-footed it out to one of my fave spots not far from where I live and went to town.

The thing I love most about post-thunderstorm sunsets is how dramatically expressive they are. There’s no soft, delicate tendrils of color and light, scored to etherial new-age music – no, ma’am. This is high opera at its most thrilling! It makes me laugh out loud and take waaay too many pictures. This particular night, friends Dave and Susie Bell were visiting, so I had company AND witnesses. Plus, Dave managed to capture lightning in his! Check it out here. High drama, baby.

Storms have cleared out for now. But I’m ready for the next time, oh yes I am. ‘Tis the season!
Photo info:
Canon 5DIII
24-70 II f/2.8 lens
ISO 320, f/14
5 exposures