G+ Women In Photography Series: featuring Karen Hutton!

1st interview in a new Google+ series

My friend Laurie Rubin is a member of the esteemed Google+ Photos Team. She’s also a fabulous wildlife photographer; check out her work here. As a Googler, she’s created a interview series, highlighting women photographers… and she invited me to be her first featured guest! It’s also an interview where I publicly mention for the first time the project I’ve been working on for months… which is kind of a rush and a little scary! But it was a fun visit with Laurie, talking about That Thing I love so much: Photography.

Photography is a great leveler. And still…

One of the things I love about photography is that it’s a great leveling ground. Men, women, people of different cultures and upbringing – can all participate. Yes, gear factors in to a degree… but PERSPECTIVE is king/queen over here. And according to your gender, culture, upbringing, age, preferences, world view… your work will be shaped. Laurie chose to focus on the women’s perspective and I think it will be fascinating!

I’ve observed differences in how the women photographers I know think from men… but then, I note how differently photographer friends on the other side of world approach their images too, simply based upon who and where they are in the world. How DO women think and approach this art form? I really only know this from my own eyes… and I’m really interesting and excited to see what Laurie discovers as she talks to other women from all forms of photography. DO we share a similar experience? What DOES guide their perspectives? What do they think about when they shoot? What do they gravitate toward? All will be revealed in time… and I can’t wait to share the journey!!

SO honored to be the first.

GO Laurie Rubin!!